Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's the home stretch ...

One more day to get everything finished - I suspect most people are pretty much tuckered out by this point - I know I am!! We had company for dinner tonight - I spent a lot of time cooking, ran out of time to make a couple of dishes I wanted to make, but when our company arrived they were so exhausted from their previous evening, that they could barely keep their eyes open, lol. So our evening was very abbreviated! I made a pot of chili, a cheese loaf, fudge, a cranberry orange pound cake ... ummmmm something else, but I'm having CRS and I can't think of it, lol. I was going to make kahlua cheesecake but ran out of time. I also cooked up a batch of chicken cacciatore but thats for supper tomorrow - I had the chicken breasts defrosting in the fridge and I didn't want to leave them another day, so I made the cacciatore. Won't have to cook tomorrow, hehe.

Yesterday I made another shelter quilt - my
local dollar store has fleecy type pet blankets for a buck, and I thought they would make a cute quilt backing - bought one and washed/dried it - it came out fine so I used it to back some scrap flannel I had from a previous project. Will be buying more of those blankets - it worked great!! And - could it be any cuter???!?!?

Too tired to think of what all needs to be done tomorrow ... a few gifts left to wrap, Christmas dinner to shop for ... tired ... must sleep ... LOL.

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