Monday, December 31, 2007

Miss you, Buzz ...

In memory of my little brother Brian --- Feb. 25/64 to Dec. 31/98. Thats him with his son Dylan (Christmas '98) - proud daddy or what!! Miss you Buzz XXXXXOOOOO.

We always spend New Years Eve quietly at home with our friends Paul and Louise - I worked with Paul way back in '86, and we've been friends since then. We like to do a "Mexican Fiesta" - tonight's menu is nachos (2 kinds - one with and one without refried beans) - tacos (soft and hard), Layered Enchilada Bake from this site ...
and Spanish rice (aka Mexican rice, lol). Not sure what dessert will be, as Louise is bringing it :) She's also bringing snackies - cabbage rolls and eggrolls - we're going to DINE FINE tonight, thats for sure!!

Last night I finished another crumb quilt top - 54" X 72" --- thats 7 tops done (and blocks finished for 3 more) -- I'll start birthing these with fleece next year (aka tomorrow). These will be donation quilts.

Now I'm off to chop lettuce and tomatoes and to make some taco stuffing - I hope everyone has a happy - and SAFE!!! - New Years - please don't drink and drive, and if you see a train - STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!!! *glances upwards and toasts Buzz with a diet pepsi *

Sandra :)


  1. Hi Sandra!
    now I will add youre blog to my list of blogs on my blog.. lol

    Happy New Year to you and your family

  2. Mexicali Fiesta...YUM!

    Pineapple Upside Down cake should fit right in!


  3. Sweet tribute to Brian.

    Happy New Year, Sandra Dear!

  4. Love you crumb quilt. I have to try that this year.

  5. Love your layout for the crumb quilt Sandra looks fantastic.. I too am in Toronto would love to hear from you saw your blog on stashbusters.



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