Thursday, June 12, 2008

A "Feed Bulletin" isn't an RSS feed/link ...

I've had a bloglines feed for the Baking Beauties site for months now. They post delicious recipes and I try quite a few of them. The last one I tried was the Italian Bread Wedges, and it was a HUGE hit in our house. Lately they haven't been posting new recipes, so I figured they were just taking a break. No, somehow I accidentally subscribed to receive updates about their trouble alerts, feed stat reports etc., LOL. Today I realized that they HAVE been posting recipes, but I haven't been receiving notifications! They also "tagged me", so I'll be doing that later on today.

So, my blogging friends - if you see the following on your RSS feed list, it will not send you recipes on a regular basis!!!! ;)
FeedBulletin for: BakingBeauties
This is FeedBulletin, a personalized feed for BakingBeauties. FeedBurner uses this feed to report account changes, "FeedMedic" trouble alerts, feed stats reports, and occasional FeedBurner announcements.

Apparently I'm a blogging dumba$$, LOL!!! I've just been looking through their blog and I'm going to have to work overtime to try out all the fun new recipes ... starting with POUTINE!!!

A few minutes later - I have no idea what the problem is, but for some reason, I can't get a bloglines subscription to the right "area" of Dawn & Jeanine's blog - the options I have either show up ZERO updates, or only show updates from mid-May. This is very odd!!! Must continue to investigate!

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