Thursday, June 12, 2008

TAG - I'm it!

Some delicious ladies (hmmm I just realized I call a lot of things delicious - things I enjoy, things I find comfy and homey and sweet - consider it a compliment!) have tagged me --- Jeanine @ Baking Beauties and Karen @ South of Purple ... here we go - the boring details about MOI, lolol.

What was I doing 10 years ago? 1998 - that wasn't a good year for me - I lost 2 members of my family (mom and my little brother Brian), battled some personal "demons" ... not my favorite year!!

What are 5 things on my t0-do list for today?
1. Finish up 3 bibs.
2. Find the bacon for stuffed baked potatoes for supper.
3. Send my son to drive to the grocery store.
4. Vaccuum the main floor.
5. Send a thank you email to someone that sent me a surprise gifty!

Snacks I enjoy: Judging by the size of my butt/thighs/belly, apparently I enjoy too many snacks ... too often ... ROTFL!!! Favorites - sour cream and onion potato chips, any kind of ooey gooey cake/brownies ... Goodies candy. I should just apply them to my butt, aarrgghhh!!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Put aside $$ for my kids for when they're older, and buy them each a car.
2. Pay off mortgages and car loans for family.
3. Buy a new sewing machine. NOT A BABYLOCK! And maybe an embroidery machine :)
4. Travel, woooooohoooooooooooo!!
5. Donate to my favorite charities, and help out a few friends (anonymously).
6. Hire a technician to come in and fix our computer/internet problems :)
7. Get my teeth fixed!

Places I have lived: Ontario!

Jobs I have had: babysitter, waitress, licensed insurance broker, customer service for a computer firm that sold insurance software, receptionist for a real estate appraisal firm, typist, counter help in a bakery.


  1. Goodies candy! That's a wierd Toronto would be on the list BUT staying at the beach with me should be on yours!

  2. oops...just mailed something to Toronto and had that on my brain...I meant Ontario...flog me with a wet mop!

  3. Oh since you like gooey stuff so much I should send you the lemon bbars that I never screw up....but did the other day in my new oven. Who knew that baking in a gas oven was different than electric?!?!!? The bars that are always perfect didn't really set and are now gooey soupy lemon goodness....taste great but could never serve 'em....
    Sure beats haggis though :) :) :)

  4. intresting reading :)

    I love sourcream and onion potatochips, can eat them any time of the day..

    have a great day


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