Monday, July 7, 2008

Not happy with the results ...

Inspired by this project, I decided to try a chickenscratch bookmark. It worked out quite well, actually, but I found the gingham fabric very thin - broadcloth thin - and hard to work with. It was hard to get nice crisp seams and nice stitching - and I had an awfully hard time getting the smaller square to finish up to a small enough size - the fabric was so soft/pliable it was hard to handle.

I'm not giving up --- I have a couple of things to try - one is to spray starch the fabric before working on it - to give it some body. If that isn't good enough, I'll look for the gingham designed fabric that has more body to it - thicker cotton, like you would use for a tablecloth. That wouldn't work for bookmarks, really, but for other projects it would be great - pillow cover, apron, tote bag etc.

I enjoyed the embroidery but the assembly just didn't work as nicely as I would like. This bookmark won't be gifted to anyone, but I'll consider it my trial run, and will try this craft again :) Definitely not counting this in my 7 in 7 resolution!

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  1. Oh very cool...Sandra! Do you have some lightweight fusible interfacing you could iron to it to make it a little sturdier? I bet that work work...


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