Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Christmas gifts (2008) I forgot to post!

I just came across my December 2008 photo file, and found a folder on it called ... "Post these to blog after Christmas" ... which I forgot to do, LOL. Here are a few pictures of projects I did last year as Christmas gifts - they weren't posted as I made them, in case the recipient figured things out :D

The cross-stitch lavender bag (or lavande, en Francais!) was for my sister - the pattern came from Les grilles de Maryse (I don't know if the pattern is still there - I looked while I was typing this post, and couldn't find it).

The tote and small bags were made for my SIL Heather, for her trip to Punta Cana. You can see that my Zoomer enjoyed the project before it got mailed!! ;)

I have a few more pictures to post but they'll have to be uploaded separately - blogger won't let me add any more to this post - I hate how they changed their picture coding!


  1. Zoomer was giving everything his paw's up seal of approval!

  2. I won't mention that "sister" originally thought that you had dropped an 'r' on the lavande sachet!

    Sweet :) Lavender is soooo useful!!


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