Monday, September 21, 2009

Decisions, decisions

I drafted a tablerunner pattern in EQ6 based on a photograph I saw somewhere online. This is going to be a fall tablerunner - a gift. I'm trying to decide which colors to use - the picture with the pink fabric is a bit outside of the box for me (I usually play it VERY safe), and the all fall tones photo is - to me - safer, but ... perhaps not as much OOMPH. I thought I'd throw the pictures up so I could look at them both together, to hopefully help me make a decision! The top left fabric is the block background, and the bottom left fabric is the sashing/border. I think I'm going with the colorway with the pink, now that I can see everything laid out, lol. If it looks like crap when I get the blocks made, I'll change them!


  1. Being imagination-challenged, I'll reserve my accolades for the finished product!!

  2. My sister ^^ does good accolades. At least - that's what her husband tells people ;)


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