Thursday, February 4, 2010

Showing off my panties ;)

I made myself a pair of panties (or rather - a panty!) today :D  The free pattern and tutorial is from a Japanese site called SewLover.  I'm not creating a link to their site - a friend just went to it and got bombarded with pr0n-type photos.  YUCK.  My browser is set up to delete all that crap so I didn't realize.  If your computer is well secured, you can check the site out, but consider yourself warned, LOL!!  The gingham bag worked out quite nicely as well - I pieced some fabrics together to make it big enough! 

Recently I picked up a package of Color Catchers to try out - they help prevent fabric dyes bleeding and staining other fabrics in the laundry.  They work quite well, as I discovered when I washed all the fabrics I bought in Buffalo!  I didn't want to throw them away after they were used (it also drives me crazy to throw away used dryer sheets) so I used them as foundations to make string blocks for this cat pillow (11 x 18") :D  The stuffing is fabric scraps saved from sewing projects, and the backing was from a big piece of fabric given to me by a friend!  A nice example of re-and-upcycling, if I do say so myself :D


  1. Those panties are cute! Nice use of rick rack!

  2. Looks easy enough to try without going to the website. Maybe someday when I have a bit more time. They are really cute though.


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