Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's finishes :)

2 zipper bags (this makes 17 so far for this order) (still waiting for the golf ball beads to arrive for the zipper pulls!).

Infant sized baby bib from the leftovers from Mason's set - the backing (a minky type fabric) is peeking out - it's sooooooo soft :)

I got Mason's quilt top finished today - this measures about 35" square.  I have a metre of the darker pawprint fabric ordered from Sew Sisters - when it arrives (in about a week, I would guess) I can finish the quilt :)

 I designed this gift bag tonight - I'm making some rainbow bags using these two fabrics - I wanted the bags to look a certain way, so I drafted a pattern tonight based on other bags I've seen.  It turned out EXACTLY how I envisioned it!  It has a boxed bottom and measures 9" tall (plus the drawstring and ruffled top), 9.5" wide, and 3" deep where it's boxed.  Mine is filled with plastic bags for the photo op ;)

Productive day today for sure, lol!


  1. Man, you are just steaming forward! Love the bag you designed and Masie's quilt. Your work is inspiring me!

  2. Full steam ahead, is right!

    I think I need my own little boy, LOL!

    All beautiful work, Sandra! You may be inspiring Mickie, but you boggle my mind with your creativity, Sis!

    who knew ? ! ?


  3. Love that Christmas gift bag ~ no surprise since I usually love everything you do!


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