Sunday, February 6, 2011

I sewed during the football game ;)

 Nick was watching the game in one room downstairs, so I supported him in the next room by sewing up some projects that had nothing to do with him, and that he wouldn't be remotely interested in.  Aren't I a wonderful mommy?  ;)

These are all for my favourite customer :D  The fabric for the wine bottle bags was given to me by my SIL, who bought it to recover a chair!  I also used it to make a very elegant kitty quilt for our niece's beautiful (but miserable!) kitty cat Diablo Lucifer Satan Beelzebub The Antichrist Flower :)  I have just enough scraps left to make 2 zipper bags - they're already kitted and ready to sew :D


  1. I support my hubby during sporting events in much the same way, on a different floor of the house! LOL

    You have perfected the wine bag!

  2. Yes you are a wonderful mommy, lol! Love the wine bags, so pretty. Too funny about kitty - I used to have one like that, his name was Kitten, he was HUGE and solid black. The vet had to tranquilize him every time to examine him. He was cuddly with me though!


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