Thursday, May 5, 2011

RIP beautiful 2009 Dodge Challenger :(

My husband decided to trade in our beautiful and MINT Dodge Challenger for a different model.  I loved the "old" car.  I picked out the old car.

I do not like it's replacement, and have spent the last few days cursing.  Not very ladylike, but very necessary.  He deserves the car he wants so I'm glad he got what he wanted.  I just really really REALLY hate the colour - BLECH.  Out of respect for DH I will refrain from complaining vociferously, and will only complain intermittently.  That's the best I can do :D (It's hard to tell from the last photo, but the car is a burgundy red - it's not red, and it's certainly not the beautiful red of the old car - that's what I'm so upset about!)

P.S.  To be fair to him, I should add that the old car didn't have a hemi motor, and the new one does - that's the main reason for the trade - he really really REALLY wanted a hemi :D  


  1. Oh BUMMER - I don't like burgundy red either - sigh.

  2. Come on Sandra, you know what to do. Go and buy some real red spray paint, wait until hubby is snoring, then go out there and spray that car!

  3. Okay so I dont know much about cars...whats a hemi motor? I think the colour looks good from what I can see though...I love has always been my favourite colour. If I cant get red I do go for burgundy. Hugs Khris


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