Friday, March 2, 2012

Kiss the Blarney Stone!

Bibs for L & J :)
Here's a print I picked up @ Joanns on a recent trip - I don't think the recipient reads my blog so they'll likely be a surprise when they arrive at their destination ;)  (I'm not sure why the bib on the right looks like it has a wobbly bottom on the right - it doesn't!)


  1. You've given me a great idea here. I'm always trying to come up with baby gift ideas to have on hand. A set of holiday bibs to cover the year would be fun and useful. Of course, you're also making more work for me as always!

  2. How cute! I think I missed the photos of your Shrove Tuesday bibs though... I've just spent ages looking for a newborn size bib pattern, can't find one, have you got one?


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