Thursday, September 13, 2012

Check out my Halloween BAT bag!

What? You don't think it looks like a bat???!!  You say it looks like a PENGUIN?!??!?!  I don't think so ... oh wait ... wait just a minute!   You're right!  It *does* look like a penguin - I wonder how THAT happened??!

Oh I know.  It's because I had a major brain fart, wrote down Bat Bag in my list of things to do, pulled out fabrics, read through the directions and planned on a bat bag (a gift), and then ... proceeded to cut out and sew the penguin bag.   I would have done the penguin bag anyways, so I'll finish it and then do the bat bag, LOL.  To my credit, the instructions and photographs for that particular shape of bag, are all for the penguin bag.  The bat and other designs are added afterwards in a small section, with a small picture.  Even though my brain and eyes were saying bat, my fingers and sewing machine said penguin :D  And it's obvious who won :D

Blame NOT the book!  It's a wonderful book!  It's chock full of cute goodies, and in fact, the bat bag is on the front cover (a very small photo, mind you).  I plan on making more fast, fun & easy critter bags - hopefully next time I'll remember to engage my brain first, LOL!  


  1. LOL!!! A penguin is friendlier than a bat anyway. Look forward to seeing more of your critter bags.

  2. Great post... very funny.... love the term brain fart.... hahhahha....

  3. Shame on you! You made me buy another book! Can't wait to see this penguin when you get it together.

  4. That is too cute! Can't wait to see the

  5. Now see, you're just too darned honest. If you hadn't told us that you made the penguin bag instead of a bat bag we wouldn't have known and we'd all be oooohhhhing and ahhhhing over the cute penguin bag to be. Hey wait, I can do that now and save some oohhing and ahhing for when you post the bat bag. The penguin bag is going to be really cute!

  6. Huh? I see a bat... penguin? That doesn't look like a penguin! it's clearly a bat.

    See Sandra, I'm always on your side ;0)


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