Monday, September 24, 2012

Owl have to post a picture ...

Oi vay that was pretty low as far as punny blog post titles goes, sheesh!!  ;)

 Here's a gift bag (tall pouch) that I made on the weekend - it's for my sister to use when she gives gifties to her favourite (and only, so far!) grandson :D  I'm doing a few other bags in different sizes as I expect she won't only be giving him small gifts :D  I wonder how much fabric you need to make a car sized bag?  ;)
I made a little tag for it with Shrinky Dink - next time I won't do such a close-up - my printing is terrible!


  1. Great gift bag. I love the owls. The tag is a good idea.

  2. Ooh, I see some lovely double-line quilting there, too. That chain is a great idea for attaching fun things to zippers. Great for the industrial or steampunk look that I keep saying I'm going to try out.

  3. You're right that is a terrible pun... but the owl bag is cute!

  4. Wow, Sandra, I am impressed - have just been reading your blog and mouth wide open about all that you managed to make! Love the shrinky dink name tags that you made and all the bibs and cute zipper bags too.


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