Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 ready to fly, one not quite ready to read :D

Some of what I worked on today:

These two fabric airplanes are a Christmas gift - I have 2 more cut out for the recipient's brother :)

Here's the READ library tote I'm working on - it's another Christmas gift.  I've modified and simplified the pattern a bit - I love that sock monkey fabric from Joanns!  Hopefully I can finish this tomorrow, if all goes well! 


  1. Oh so you have tried them out and the fabric airplanes really do fly. That's great, because can you imagine the disappointment on Christmas morning if they didn't.

    And the kids are going to love their READ bags.

  2. Are you going to join the http://sewmuch2luv.blogspot.cz/2012/10/handcrafted-holiday-sew-stitch-along.html I think you should :-)

  3. Oh Sandra I just saw the entry of Mr. Pibbs- have missed it because it was after my dad died. What a nice thing to do for Mr. Pibbs and his new mom. Sweetest cat fabric and zipper pull I have ever seen. Great job on it!


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