Friday, April 14, 2017

Superheroes and ladybugs :)

I needed to make a couple of bags for gifts - I was thinking duffle type bags, but smaller.  I like making boxy bags and I thought they would upsize nicely, and they did :)  I actually used the main measurements from the large Retreat bag from Emmaline bags (version 2.0) for mine, making the appropriate changes from zipper top bag to boxy bag with straps :D  They're a bit smaller than I would have liked, but other than that they're just right :)  It's a beautiful sunny day today, so I went outside and propped the bags on DS2's car - he's working with his dad right now, so I borrowed his trunk for a prop.  Don't tell!  ;)

I did the superheroes first (fabric from Joanns) - it's a bit awkward manipulating fabric pieces that size (20"w X 14"t, approximately, before quilting and trimming down) - awkward, but not difficult.  And I watched several episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries while I was stitching :D  They measure about 12" x 6" x 6" --- the pink one is a bit shorter and fatter, and the superheroes one is a bit longer and skinnier :D  Now I need to see what I have in my stash of goodies to tuck inside, and then I need to find a box to wrap them in :)


  1. These are my favorites for travel bags. Love the handles on both ends--easy to grab and you can hang them up if the need arises. Then there is the fabric! Love both.

    Hey you've got me thinking. I need a gift for a little guy who is getting a little sister. If one of these had divided side pockets, I could put little cars or trains in them and use the center for tracks or a mat with roads sewn on. OMG! Quit making work for me, will ya?

  2. Super cute! I really like the ladybug fabrics! I desperately "need" to make some pouches :)

  3. Oooh, they sized up well! Bet the kids will love them!

  4. I know a not so little person who would love that super hero fabric. Great zipper pulls, as always. You should be able to fit quite a few goodies inside each.

  5. Nice, nice, nice! Love these boxy bags! I also enjoy making them, especially when I need a man gift! XO

  6. Love the superheroes bags Sandra, you are a stitching superhero yourself :)


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