Thursday, May 29, 2008

Apronista :D

Suzy Homemaker - aka apronista moi - decided to make an apron, and this is the result :D It's reversible - brown crackle print on one side, pink coffee print on t'other (and I don't even drink coffee!) :) It's being modelled by my almost 18 year old, only because I promised not to get his face in the picture - it was quite apparent as I was snapping photos, that his poses manned up quite a bit when the brown side of the apron was front and centre, LOLOL. He was a very good sport about helping me out - thanks kiddo!!

Pattern is Simplicity 9565, view B - very quick and simple - I decorated it with pink rick rack and brown/black trim (which aren't all that visible in the picture) :)


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Your almost 18 y/o should get two awards for his modeling AND letting you blog him! My almost 17 y/o would have been running for the hills!

    Darling apron!

  3. :)
    he should try out for Canadas next top model

    nice apron tho' pink and beautiful, like the way you use your left over rick rack


  4. WooHoo!!! A very cute apron....and nice color choices!!!
    and may I borrow your MANnequin?

  5. Oh my, we ended up with a duplicate zombie comment, so I deleted it. It was probably Triskit getting into things!!!!!!!!!!! That Triskit - I think she needs a new hobby to keep her out of trouble, LOL!!

  6. Bahahaha! Poor kid....I'm actually surprised he lets you abuse him like that....tee hee....
    Now to the apron; GREAT colour combo!


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