Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nailed. It. :)

Earlier this month I completed my first Cargo Duffle - a free (YAY!) pattern designed by Anna Graham (Noodlehead) :) There are lots of blog posts about this project on the interwebs - sew alongs, hacks and modifications - the pattern looked VERY detailed and scary to me so I did a lot of reading, decided on some simplifications, and then I jumped in.  I haven't taken proper pictures of it because it needs a good pressing to be camera ready, but here it is pre-pressage.

First Cargo Duffle - a New to Me finish :D
I didn't like the pockets on the original so I changed mine to a simple slip pocket.  I QAYG'd (quilt as you go) the outside and lining with a layer of medium weight sew-in interfacing along with a layer of quilt  batting - that's the "recipe" I use for my Retreat Bags, and I love the finish.  After a press, I'll likely be using this bag myself - maybe for hubby's and my Joanns runs ;)

I was so excited about how well #1 turned out, that I started a new one almost immediately.  I have a bit of a stash of Japanese canvas that I purchased from a local quilt store last year when it was on sale for $8 per meter cut.  I bought about 10 meters, mostly boy prints - I believe it's Lecien.  It's PERFECT for this project.  The inside raw edges are bound with the lining fabric (you can see this in the photo below).  It looks lovely inside, IIDSSM.  I changed out the pieced/quilted straps from #1, to webbing (thanks to my friend Nancy for the idea :D), and changed up the design of the slip pocket a bit.  I found a cute 3D car keyring in stash and used it for the zipper pull.  Presenting ... Cargo Duffle #2 ;)

My 2nd Cargo Duffle - nailed it!  :)

This one is a Christmas gift so it will be posted to April's Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew, along with the New to Me linky.  I have one other gift underway that I hope to get finished in the next few days, so I can post it as well.  But I couldn't wait to show off my duffle!

ETA:  OH!  I forgot about my 52 in 16 plans - the green one actually counts as #11 of my attempts to try new designs this year --- #10 has been finished as well but I haven't taken a picture yet, lol.  11 done in 4 months - I think I'm falling behind schedule if I want to get 52 done for the year!


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