Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rocket and cupcake gift sets :)

 Cupcake set - Buttercup bag, pleated pouch, 3 trinket keepers, and 2 zipper bags.
Rocket set - Peek-a-boo toy bag, 3 trinket keepers and 2 zipper bags :)

Buttercup, buttercup ...

Oh butter buttercup (sung to the Lollipop lollipop tune) ;)

Here's the buttercup bag I'm working on - Bella - my 1953 Singer 201 - just loves working with pink and cupcakes, LOL.  Who wouldn't? :)  This is step 9 of 20 :D

The other side of the front pinned, ready to be sewn.

The lining waiting for it's turn at the machine.  Notice the magnetic snap has already been applied :)  These are REALLY easy to install, and add a nice touch!

 An hourish later - finished through step 16, and skipping ahead to step 19 (strap).  Should be finished soon *fingers crossed* :)

 Ta da - Buttercup finished ... and oh so sweet :)
 The inside of the Buttercup - cherry lining with a cupcake pocket :D  I made a resized (85% of the original) Skip to my Lou pleated pouch to go inside the bag - will post a photo on my next post.  This set is now ready to be mailed :)

Trinkets and zips :)

3 trinket keepers (link on sidebar) and 2 zipper bags for the cupcake gift set I'm making.  Small tote is next, then either a pleated pouch (link on sidebar) or a cupcake shaped zipper bag.  I don't have a pattern for the shaped bag and I need to get these items is mailed tomorrow, so I'll likely do the pleated pouch instead of trying to draft a pattern.  The pleated pouch is one of my favorite zipper bag designs - simple to make, but so very pretty and feminine!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stuffing balls!

Stuffing balls before they go in the oven ... with Zoomer in the background :D 

 Two got grabbed before I had a chance to get a photo, lol.  These were quite good - and surprisingly low in fat (I made a half batch, and only used 2T. of butter for 6 balls).  Will make these again for sure!  Recipe by Jun @ Jun-blog - thanks, Jun!

Happy Birthday Kim!

Happy birthday to my big brother Kim - I won't say how old he is, but he's 8 years older than I am, and I'm 29 (again and again and again, LOLOL) ;)  This is Kim with his wife Heather - thanks for the pic, H! 

 Some personalized towels I made for a gift ... on one end are the kids' names, on the other end, Ho Ho Ho ;)   Here's the Ho Ho Ho part ...

... and this, of course, would be the name end ;) 

Here are the trinket keepers I made, now with their carabiners attached :)

And last, but not least, the projects I'm working on for a little girl - there are some trinket keepers there (see the pink carabiners?!), two zipper bags and a small pleated tote bag :)  I'll be working on these items after supper!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tomte assembly line :D

My Kajsa Wikman Tomte assembly line - the fabrics are from a fat quarter set I bought at Joanns a few years ago, the rick rack is from stash, and I picked up the red and green jingle bells today - they're for the hats.  My friend Nancy did the embroidery on their wee faces :)  Hubby and I are going out for dinner tonight (happy 23rd anniversary Dave and Rosie NoBlog!) so I won't get a chance to work on the tomte's until tomorrow.

Apparently there's a worldwide shortage of carabiners, as I was unable to find the ones I wanted today, despite checking 3 locations.  Must be a high demand item, like iPods! ;)  I ended up finding some that were a little smaller than I wanted, but which came in the perfect colors - red/blue/pink.  They were attached to tiny little bottles of hand cleanser.  I had to buy hand cleanser to get carabiners, HAHAHA.  C'est la vie!

Friday, November 26, 2010

More peek-a-boo :)

 Another peek-a-boo bag , lined with the blue rocket fabric you see in the window. This pattern was designed so there would be no raw edges inside.  It impresses me when the designer goes to the extra effort of doing that!  A - you know which designer I'm referring to that is too lazy to do so, LOL! 

Two cardinal and two rocket zipper bags - this cardinal fabric (from Fabricland) really is delightful to work with - it has such a lovely feel to it, and it washes up, presses and sews so nicely.  I got some yesterday with blue birds as well - not sure what I'll make with it, but I like looking at it, lol.  The rocket fabric matches the rocket Peek-a-boo bag above, and the trinket keepers I made the other day :)  I still have a few small scraps of both rocket fabrics - I wonder what quick/simple project I could whip up that would be suitable for a 6 year old boy - I'll have to put on my thinking cap ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peek-a-boo bag!

What a great project this turned out to be!  I was worried when I started reading the instructions as they seemed somewhat fiddly, but once I got going it was really easy.  I didn't have any paper clips to "pin" the plastic and fabrics together so I just used my fingers - the fabric stretched a bit so I had to trim things down before assembling the bag.  Next time I'll cut the fabric pieces a bit bigger than the instructions call for, then after all 4 sides are attached to the plastic window I'll trim everything down.  I think the next bag will go a LOT quicker, as now I know what I'm doing, lol.  Tomorrow I'm doing this bag with rocket fabric! 

I stuffed a bunch of ribbon rolls inside to get a good view of the window!

The bag sans goodies - this is such a fun bag to make!  Mine finished to 11 1/2 x 15 1/2" :)

Rocket trinket keepers :)

I have to pick up more carabiners now, but here's a set of 3 Trinket Keepers I finished up today using rocket fabric from our last trip to Joanns in PA :)  The blue fabric is on the outside of one and the lining of two, and the red fabric is, conversely, on the outside of two and the lining of one ;)  They're sized at 4x7, 4x6 and 5x7 - the perfect size for a six year old lad to carry his treasures in :)

I have more of both fabrics - enough for a Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack ... a zipper bag or two ... and maybe something else, depending on what scraps I have ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends :)

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday with lots of family, friends and food [the important F's! ;)] - save me a drumstick, or save me a turkey carcass for some soup, lol!!

Here's my Thanksgiving BewBew from 2008 - I had the pies in the freezer to flash freeze before I packed them to take with me to my sister's house ... one slipped in the freezer before the filling was frozen, HAHAHA.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grommets are FUN :)

Why I've put off trying and playing with these little guys is beyond me - I wanted to make some Trinket Keepers (thank you Traci for the tutorial!) but kept putting it off because I was worried about whether or not I could "do" grommets.  Ummmmmmmm they take about 47 seconds each to do, and require the use of 16 brain cells (remembering my name uses 4,726 brain cells).  They're easy!

Here's my first trinket keeper --- isn't it a cutie?  I need to get more carabiners and make a bunch more of these little guys - this one measures about 5" x 5" - I'll make some a bit taller and some a bit narrower, so the littlies can use them for different items.  I'll make some pretty ones too - girls also have trinkets! ;)

 Here's a project that didn't work out so well - I was doing personalized Christmas bath sheets but when I prewashed the towels (I didn't want to take a chance on the colors running and ruining the appliques), they got a lot of "pulls" in the fabric.  I washed only the two towels in the washer so there wasn't anything to pull at them (like bra hooks or velcro or anything) - I'm taking them back to the store and getting better ones!  At least the appliques are cut out and ready to go, lol.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Passport/receipts zipper bags :)

The one on the right was the prototype - don't ask me about the brain fart that made me decide to quilt and bat the denim layer *rolls eyes*.  That was a PITA to sew, lol.  The one on the left worked out better - it's just plain denim :)  Both are lined with the Canadian flag fabric in the background.  They measure about 8" x 9" (IIRC).  I have a similar bag that we use for our passports and receipts when we go shopping Stateside - then when we come home, we store our American cash in it :)  Superb tutorial by Jane - no raw edges :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's good to need a pooper scooper ... plus travel set pics :)

Zoomer pooped last night for the first time in over a week - hopefully that means his medication has finally kicked in and he'll start getting better.  It was a really bad week, and I thought I was going to have to make a big decision.  Him being so obviously in pain just about did me in - other pet people know how that feels.  I so much appreciated the emails and calls and prayers that have been sent our way, and the calls and concern from Dr. Nora @ LeGallais - I hope we're over the worst of this, and I hope that (when? if?) if it happens again, I'll catch it earlier! 

I got a couple of notepad covers finished today, using a tutorial written by the delightful Miss Blossom, daughter of Jenny of Elefantz :)  Will get a photo later - I had to come upstairs to get supper started, lol.  Roasted chicken and veggies (Jamie Oliver), and a marble bundt cake :D

 Travel set - all 18 pieces :D
2 notebook covers
6 luggage tags
(notebook covers are roughly 3x5, luggage tags are about 3x6 + strap) 
Tote bag (my design) (12w x 4 x 13, plus straps)
Fabric basket (6w x 4 x 4)
Laundry bag (back, gold batik, 20x28), 3 shoe bags (10x16)

Zipper bags:  panties (9 x 7), round bottom bag (my design, 9x6), regular zipper bag (8x6).  The quilted bag on the far left is lined with Canadian maple leaf fabric and was designed as a passport/receipt bag for crossing the border ;)  It's 8x9, and the "fully lined with no raw edges inside" design is by the delightful Jane :)

This set will go in the mail tomorrow - I hope the recipient(s, lol) like the pieces :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some Tomte photos ...

Zoomer is doing really poorly so it's not a good day.  I'll take him back to the vet tomorrow (a friend may be able to drive us if the timing is right, otherwise I'll take a taxi) and see what they say.  We just can't continue to go through this - he's in pain and not getting better, the stress isn't doing my psoriasis or blood pressure any good, the bills are - well, you can imagine.  I think a decision will have to be made tomorrow one way or another - he (and we) just can't keep doing this.

In the interim, here are some photos from our hen party on Friday night - Nancy posted them and I "stole" 'em from her blog.   I think I took some of them, so it isn't REALLY stealing ... right, Nanc?  The blue guy is mine, and you can't see in the photos, but when I hold him up, he crosses his legs like he needs to go to the bathroom, LOL.

 The book we got the pattern from, and a pile of embroidered (by Nancy) faces.
 Here Nancy is embroidering the face on my doll.  Thanks for doing that for us, Nanc!
 Nancy working away while my doll holds court.
 Amanda working on her doll.
Our 3 completed dolls - the one on the left is Nancy's, made with salt and pepper fabric that was sent to me by Susan in KC!  Susan, Nancy fell in LOVE with that fabric so I gave it to her - this doll is for her kitchen!  The middle doll is Amanda NoBlogs, and the blue one is mine.  They're all really frigging adorable, if I do say so myself ;)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Several photos :)

6 luggage tags, made from this tutorial (thanks to Gail and Linda for a great tute!) :)

A second "burp cloth and bibs" set made with Michael Miller's I Think I Can fabric (thanks Mickie!) and backed with lovely cream chenille.  I have "hardware" coming from ebay for additions to this gift set - hopefully they arrive soon ;)

Z, kicking back a few minutes ago in the family room.  So far he seems to be in good shape, but we continue to monitor his litterbox for evidence that the problem has been solved (I think you can figure out what I'm trying to be delicate about) :/ :) :?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Like a yoyo, he's back home ...

We brought the beast home tonight, and he was certainly glad to come home!   He wasn't eating at the hospital but he certainly chowed down at home (too quickly, iykwim).  Guess what?  My carpet is the same color as tuna - who knew! ;)  He seems quite normal and happy, so as soon as he starts to use the litterbox regularly, we'll know he's in the clear.  (Until the next time?  ARGH!)  I have him locked in the kitchen (with vinyl flooring) until we make sure that he doesn't "erupt" in any way - he's not impressed with that decision, but it's not his choice - she who cleans the carpets, makes that decision, lol.

Had a fun night tonight - Tomte Tornado Night @ Nancy's house.  That's our version of a crafty hen party :)  We (Nancy, Amanda and I) each made a Scandinavian Stitches Tomte doll - Nancy didn't get hers finished because she was busy being the hostess with the mostess, so we left our dolls with her and she'll get a picture of the triplets tomorrow :)

Great day - cat came home seemingly improved, I spent the evening carrying on with girlfriends -  happy happy happy!  (Sorry, no pictures until tomorrow) :)  (And thanks for the emails of concern about my kitty - I appreciated them so much!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zoomer = back in the hospital ...

He's not critical but he's still not 100% so they're going to change his medication and get him hydrated - hopefully the doubled medication will work and he'll be out tomorrow.  Luckily for us he's easy to pill - we just open his mouth gently, pop in the pill and rub his throat for a second - what a trooper!   This can't be very fun for him, and the $$bills$$ certainly are no fun for us :/

Here's a kitty video I saw today that made me smile - find the missing kitten ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Panties :D

Wee kitty update - Zoomer is calm and normal (for him, lol) and doesn't seem to be in any pain, but things aren't quite back to normal yet.  The vet says not to worry yet, so I'm trying not to.  Hopefully his system is just off from the stress he's been through, and he'll be himself soon.  Thanks for the comments and emails checking on him - he's such a doll!

I made panties today, plus the patchworked bag at the top :D  I need to add some beaded zipper pulls and these guys will be finished :)

I got the yoyo added to the fabric basket - it's not crooked IRL - it's just stacked on some fabric in this photo, lol.  Tomorrow I'll add the yoyo to the tote bag and finish the bases for the tote and the basket, then try some luggage tags.  They're the last thing I need to make for this set - I haven't made them before - the tags are small and a bit fiddly, so I hope my fingers are up to the challenge :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wordless 8:00 p.m. update *insert contented he's home smile here* :)

Psycho kitty is sick ...

He's generally a BIT psycho but lately he's almost driven me around the bend with his carrying on.  We took him to the vet last night and they kept him overnight - he's not majorly ill but he was definitely uncomfortable.  He'll probably get out tonight.  The house is quiet without him.  I know he's behaving at the hospital and I know they love the animals and treat them ever so well (LeGallais - YOU ROCK!) so I'm not worried - I just miss his annoying a$$!!   Come home soon, Zoomer!  (1:30 p.m. update - he MAY come home today but he's not ready yet, arghhhh - we continue to "wait and see"). (5:30 p.m. update - he's coming home *big smile* - as soon as hubby finishes his supper we'll go grab him and bring him home :))

Since I'm feeling stressed and out of sorts today I thought I'd work on something fun - a Tomte doll from the book Scandinavian Stitches

Here he is pinned to my design wall - I have both arms assembled and stuffed, and one leg is stuffed.  I have to embroider a simple face on him - not my strong suit!  He'll be almost 2 feet tall when he's done - this is what the finished doll looks like :)  I plan on doing some in Christmas prints as gifts - isn't he just the cutest little Scandinavian dude? LOL!  And he makes a nice stress reliever *oooohhhhhhhmmmmmmTomte* :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15 = National Bundt Day!

To honour this auspicious occasion, at the behest of The Food Librarian, I baked a bundt cake she posted about on her blog today - a Snickerdoodle Bundt :D

Happy National Bundt Day -- celebrate by baking a delicious and ever-so-pretty bundt cake!!  Mary has lots of links on her site for delicious bundt cakes, thanks to 2 different rounds (2009 and 2010!) of 30 Days of Bundts!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy birthday Amanda ...

RIP Big Tab
Amanda's birthday was a few days ago, so the Tavern Wench and I are taking her out for dinner tonight to celebrate :)  Unfortunately Amanda lost her sweet kitty earlier this week - Big Tab was an older lady - I think about 18 or 19 - a lovely kitty, and very friendly.  I made this as a birthday gift so I hope Amanda likes it.

Here are a couple of pleated pouches I completed recently - I think I posted a photo a few days ago but I got the beaded zipper pulls made before I put them in the mail, so this is what the finished project looks like - I love this fabric!

And here are a few items I've been working on lately, although now that I'm looking at the photo I see a few things from the travel set aren't up on the wall - hopefully they're just sitting in a pile somewhere in the sewing room :D  I've been sick with a cold and then when I started getting better my demented lovely cat got sick so it's been a real fun time around here *rolls eyes* :D  I'm certainly better, and he seems to be getting better health-wise, but he's still demented, ARGH!


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