Monday, August 31, 2015

New to Me and Ho Ho Ho ;)

Happily, I'm getting some sewing projects done now, and I'm quite pleased with my progress :) Actually I'm mainly pleased that I finally feel like sitting down and sewing - I hope my mojo keeps mo'ing and jo'ing :D

First up are a couple of Christmas gifts to tuck into my Christmas box - these will be posted to the August Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :)

Zipper bags using the last bits of the train fabric you see in each bag.  These are scraps from a basket set I completed a while ago :D

Another scrap user-upper, I made this basket with the last of some fabric I used for Christmas pillowcases :D

This next picture is a birthday gift that has now been given to the recipient's nonna and nonno :D They'll deliver it to the birthday boy when they see him in a few weeks :)  The set consists of a pillowcase, wallet, cups, DVD and book in a TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) theme - I added a fun car pen because it was the right colour, lol.

TMNT set for a soon-to-be 5 year old :)
I bought a Bendy Bag (Lazy Girl Designs) pattern over a month ago and finally got to try it out.  The technique for the cool bag shape is new to me (and VERY creative!) but the steps to complete it, are very simple.  So I tried it.  And was successful :D  Here's my first one - it worked out so nicely!   This will be posted to the New to Me linky party for August :)

First attempt at a Lazy Girl Designs Bendy Bag :)

I was so pleased with my first bag that I got 3 more kitted ready to sew, lol!

Posting to New to Me for August :)
Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for August :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

A bunch o' finishes ... and some tomatoes :)

Here are some "use up that big stash of black and white scraps I have" zipper bags - I used teardrop beads from Ebay for the zipper pulls, and the one on the left has a bunny ring (also from Ebay) as an added treat :D  Sadly, I saw no evidence of stash reduction - I guess I need to keep sewing ;) 

 Here's how I used up some butterfly fabrics I had in stash - these bags measure 8.5x4.5x2.5" :)

 Strawberry bags made with some fabric scraps - they measure 11x4x3" and 8x3.5x3" :)
 A mishmash of use-up-fabrics boxy bags, these, like the previous bags, have been sent to Blue Hills.  Black and white measures 10.5x5x3", blue Disney print measures10.5x5x3", and the pink floral (which I recall was a remnant from Evelyns in Newmarket) measures 7x4x2.5" :)
 I think this was another remnant from Evelyns - my friend Nancy and I raid their remnant bin whenever we go to the store :)  Sometimes it's empty, much to our horror dismay!   To me, remnants and scraps are the jewels of the fabric world :)  These bags measure 7x3x2" and 11x4x3" (X 2 bags).

Tomatoes!  My lovely neighbour Maria has a garden in her back yard that is producing a LOT of beautiful veggies!  Here's a picture she sent me a week or so ago, of produce she picked in one day :D  She's an awesome cook - our family benefits from that as she sends over goodies (and produce!) on a regular basis :D

She called me today and told me to go look at (our shared) fence - this is what I saw when I went outside (couldn't resist a bit of photo editing, LOL) :)  She is the BEST neighbour! 

I have a new-to-me project to post when I can get some proper pictures outside - my trial run of a Bendy Bag by Lazy Girl Designs.  I was very intimidated by the instructions (they look very long and involved).  When I finally sat down to sew it, I realized it was no more difficult than doing a boxy bag like the ones above.  The awesome shape comes from some very creative - but simple - sewing steps :D  Can't wait to share it ... and to make more, lol.


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