Monday, November 30, 2009

Scrap ribbon wallet/clutch tute :)

I spent a lot of time on the couch when I was feeling crappy these last 2 weeks. Imagine the horror - I wasn't able to do the housework - I can't even BEGIN to tell you how sad it made me ;) I surfed the web for ... oh ... maybe 2 or 3 minutes that whole time *ahem* - and during that brief time period, I found the cutest tutorial EVAR! The lovely Ashley of lil blue boo gave me permission to post one of her photos - I haven't had a chance to try the tutorial yet so I don't have a photo of my own to share, so I'm glad Ashley let me use her great photo - thanks, Ashley!

I have lots of scrap ribbon downstairs so I can't wait to give this adorable project a try - wouldn't it be the prettiest little item for a little girl's stocking? Mickie, Karen - hint hint hint!!

Feeling a bit better ...

but still not over this cold - it's been 2 weeks since I started to feel crappy - that's a long time for a cold to last! I'm sure it's because of the Humira, and thankfully it's just a cold instead of something more swiney (hehe), so I'll just groan and bear it ;)

Here are several items I managed to make during my lucid moments (aka those moments when the Advil kicked in, LOL) - a couple of scissors fobs and some can can zipper bags! I LOVE THAT FABRIC! It's just so fun and kicky (pun intended) :D The red one is for a friend's birthday, and the blue one is a Christmas gift :D I'm going to have to get more of that fabric - it's too much fun, lol. I think it would be hysterical as the backing on a quilt!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My cold. A Haiku or 2 or 3 :D

I wrote about 12 fabulous Haiku poems while I was tossing and turning and coughing and hacking all night - they were brilliant, as I recall! Now, however, I can't remember any of them, so these are off the top of my head, and sadly - not as brilliant :D

Everything hurts. OUCH!
Head, eyes, ears, nose, throat, cheeks, neck.
Throbbing like crazy.

Meds don't seem to work.
Congestion is a ba$tard.
Not doing housework :D

Going back to bed.
Cat better not howl for food
or I will smack him :)

Back to bed for moi, but for your viewing/crafting pleasure, please enjoy the tutorial I found this morning - a cute eco wrapping!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dr. Zamboni I just might make you a quilt!

This is exciting news for MS sufferers - a possible treatment ... "We only say that research is advancing, and there is encouraging data but we are waiting for more conclusions." My fingers and toes and eyes are crossed that an effective treatment (dare I tempt fate and use the word cure?) for MS sufferers comes out of this research ... for Sherry and Jo and for the millions of people who suffer from this disease. An end to MS - in our lifetime? MAYBE!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ibib :)

I saw a bib like this on Etsy, and decided to make my own version - isn't it cute? :)

Gifts from Germany!

My friend Angela and I recently did a little bit of a crafty swap - I sent her some goodies from Canada, and she sent me some goodies from Germany! Well she went way overboard and sent a ton of handmade treasures --- just look at what she made me! Not to mention the crafty embellishments ... and the chocolates (which I've already eaten, LOL) :D Thank you so much, Angela - everything is spectacular!

It turns out that we both like flamingos, so I can see lots of flamingo crafting in the future, LOL!! I've already got some ideas in mind ... !!! ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Here are a couple of sets of pillowcases I got finished tonight using the "magic" construction technique :) The instructions I found years ago were on a vaccuum cleaner site but I can't find the page now - the link I've posted is the same technique - I would love to meet the woman who came up with that idea - it's brilliant!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks Quiltmaker!

Check out winner #14 at this page - that's MOI!!! This is what I won :) Thanks, Quiltmaker - I can't wait to start stitching!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I knit. Yep!

Here's the Christmas set I finished up today - KA mixer cover, 2 hotpads and a knit dishcloth - definitely festive :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Although she's pretty ...

my KA mixer needed a cover! The pattern came from - it was quite easy to make, although it took me far more time than I expected. Before I got started this morning my plan was to finish two of these today. Didn't happen! It wasn't that the pattern was difficult, it was that I needed to do a test drive first, which involved running up a muslin version - then I needed to quilt the fabrics. Construction itself was quick and easy (two seams, LOL) but I had never made bias binding before - that was fun! (NOT!) Attaching the binding was a PITA, and involved quite a bit of hand sewing. Yes, I'm one of those people that stitches the second side of binding down by hand :D

The project is finished and lovely, and I'm sure the next one will go a LOT quicker!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baskets 'n bags :)

I finished up the last 2 fabric baskets today, and then whipped up a couple of gift zipper bags - the beer one is the "wrapping" for a gift card for a nephew, and the paisley one is a gift for a girlfriend's daughter (it's not a gift from me - I'm giving it to the mom to give to her daughter @ Christmas :D). I love this paisley fabric - it was a remnant I found at a Joanns store in Ohio last month - I think I paid about 50 cents for it!

Do I look like ...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I had a very productive day today!

I had a very productive day today :) I made some zipper pulls for my Stash & Dash bags ...

Close-up of the zipper pulls :)

I made 2 fabric baskets (5" wide x 4" tall x 3.5" deep), and kitted up 2 more to make tomorrow :)

I also made the final 2 zipper bags from my reindeer fabric, and added beaded zipper pulls to all of them. I also got one more potato bag finished today (and kitted up 3 more to make later), but I see I forgot to get a picture of them. What a productive day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

More potatoes - more more more!

I couldn't resist, and whipped up 3 more potato bakers from this tutorial :) I've tried mine out several times now - the fabric barely even got warm - I've heard stories about these things catching fire but I think those bags may have been made without all cotton supplies - fabrics, batting and thread. I'm certainly not concerned about using mine!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reindeer and beads :)

I can't get a clear close-up picture with our camera, but here are the reindeer bags with some beaded zipper pulls I made tonight - I just wish I didn't have to wear reading glasses to do the beading - if I don't, I can't see what I'm doing, lol!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baked potatoes, anyone? :)

Well - THIS project was a lot of fun! I whipped it up tonight (it's a fast project) and tried it out with a couple of baked potatoes - we had just eaten supper not long before I did the potatoes so I wasn't really hungry, so I threw the potatoes in the fridge for later, lol. They certainly cooked properly, and there was no fire and no sparks - I rate the project a great success :)

Here are a couple of reindeer zipper bags I've completed - I'm doing a set of 6 - isn't this sweet fabric? It's from one of my trips to Joanns, and it's one of my favorite Christmas fabrics :) The fabric looks a bit washed out in this photo but when I try to brighten it, the color changes too much. This is pretty close to what it really looks like, but it's definitely a lot brighter.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The dog SAL is now finished :)

Part 6 was posted yesterday, and I finished stitching them today. Now I have to figure out what project to use the stitcheries in! I have an idea in the back of my mind - I just need to go through my project files and pick out the one that will work best :D

I also got a bit of sewing done today - a special zipper bag (one of a set of 6), and a bib - I'll get a picture of the zipper bag tomorrow - I'm too lazy to take my butt downstairs to get a photo, lol. I can't post the bib because it's a gift :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A little flamingo gift :)

I've been speaking to Angela for a while now via a Yahoo group we're both members of --- 25weeks. Her sewing is amazing, and she makes a LOT of fun goodies. She's the lady that got me started on making sock sacks - hers are totally adorable! She mentioned that she liked my zipper bags so I offered to send her one :) I whipped this one up and included a few little flamingo goodies in the bag - not pictured are the flamingo stickers and the flamingo charm I added ;)

She received the envelope today - if you can believe it, I mailed it on Saturday, October 31 from here in Ontario - the mail wouldn't have gone out of the post office until Monday, November 2 - she got it in Germany today, November 5!! Canada Post sometimes takes 10 days to deliver from our west to our east coasts - this delivery timeframe puts ours to shame. I'm glad you liked your envelope, Angela!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

6 heart blocks finished :)

I finished up these heart blocks (12.5" unfinished) for a friend ... will post a picture of the finished project when it's completed! I'll get these in the mail this weekend :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thrift store find :)

Last year I found a rather worn out and ripped tablecloth at Salvation Army - it seemed to have lots of usable fabric so I bought it - I think I paid about $2 for it. Tonight I found it when I was pulling out my Christmas fabrics, so I grabbed it and whipped up a lined gift bag :) The drawstring top is the same as Terry Atkinson's sock sack, and the construction of the lined bag is the same as Monica (Happy Zombie)'s poochie bag! It's about 17" X 21" (going by memory - I'm too lazy to hike my butt downstairs to remeasure it) :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting stuff done ...

Photo 1 - 2 heart blocks (12.5" unfinished) for a friend (Patty, I've got 4 more cut out and ready to stitch). Photo 2 - some gift zipper bags :) Photo 3 - dog SAL part 5 completed - part 6 is coming out on Wednesday and then the SAL will be finished :)

I just ordered some really FUN fabrics from ebay for some gifts I have in mind ... will post photos when they arrive - both prints are from Elizabeth Stewart and are really REALLY cute, LOL!


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