Thursday, April 30, 2015

April sewing :)

I didn't fare very well sewing or blogging wise in April - I don't even really know what I did the whole month, lol.  I did get a few projects finished though, and now the weather is finally warming up so maybe my hibernation will be over :D

Our twin greats (niece & nephew) turned 3 early in the month, and I made them each a drawstring backpack.  I'm hoping that their mom sends me a picture of the kids wearing them - she HAS to be a better photographer than I am, lol. 

Hubby modelling the floral backpack :D

DS2 modelling the shark backpack :)

Floral backpack :)

Shark backpack :)
In March I stitched a set of dinosaur fabric baskets for a Christmas gift - this month I used the last of the fabric and made one more basket for the set -- this latest one is the 8" size (the others are the 7", 6" and 5" size).

The newest basket, the 8" size :)

Inside of the basket - all of them have a covered plastic canvas removable base :)

Here's the entire set of 4 baskets :)

Another view of the set :)
That set turned out well so I made another one (another Christmas gift) - can you say ... busting stash?  Each set took a meter of outer and a meter of lining fabric, plus I had scraps left over to make a few zipper bags :)

I call this the Roadway set, which includes the 8", 7", 6" and 5" size baskets :)

As with the dinosaur set, each basket has a covered plastic canvas base for sturdiness :)

They stack together so nicely :)
My efforts to work on new-to-me projects didn't go well this month - I only got around to doing ONE new project, and it's tiny, lol (6.5" tall, 5" wide).  Cute, though!

This little gal will go to Blue Hills :)

Now - providing I haven't missed the deadlines (like I have a few times already - timezones apparently confuse me!) I'm posting these projects to:

Celtic Thistle Stitches New Me for April
Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for April

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stash bustin' and drool catchin' :D

I got into my flannel, scrap and ribbon stashes this month for bib and taggy sets for Blue Hills - I got all these done, but I don't really see any reduction in stash sizes :D

All these pictures were taken within about a 5 minute time span - notice how the background colour changed so much for some of the photos - must be weird camera mojo!

These are in the dryer right now - I'll take them out, give them a quick press to make them look crisp, and will send them on to Blue Hills - I hope the moms and babies like 'em :D


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