Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last finishes for January :D

Most of these zippies (and the quilt, when it's finished) - will be donated to Blue Hills.   I do have a couple more things to photograph photographed when the rest of the "set" is finished :)

Quick and easy puppy quilt - I started this one when I finished my first quilt UFO in January, lol.  The design came from here, and I cut my FQ's into 10 x 8 rectangles :)  FQ set was an old purchase from Joanns.  Quilt top measures about 38" x 38".

The penguin bags are measuring tape bags made to use up the last of the penguin fabric - they're 6" x 6".  The red zippy was made with an extra quilt block I found in my sewing room - it measures 8 x 4. 

This one is from my unofficial Pin and a Book series, hehe.  My friend Vera found the tutorial and sent it to me, so I call this the Vera bag - thanks Vera - you need to try this too!  It measures 7w x 5t x 2.5d :)

Using up bits and pieces - the denim was upcycled from a friend's son's jeans (thanks Nanc & Daniel!) - even the studs were from her!  The lining matches the side tab :)  This one measures 6.5" x 6.5".

This bag was made from a pair of DS1's work jeans :D  It measures 10w x 11t x 3d, and is lined with pink gingham - a very feminine upcycle of worn out work jeans!

Some January completions :)

These are my entries for the first challenge in the Pretty in Patchwork Holidays Sewalong at Threadbias :)  The original pattern was for pillows - I decided that zipper bags would work better for me ;)

Vinyl zipper bags - using up some ribbon and zippers from stash!  These each measure about 8" x 6" :)

Such a beautiful teal/royal blue - I made this bib to use up the last of that piece of flannel :D

Another "using up scraps" project - this one measures 7.5"w x 8.5"t :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The nicest prank you'll see today :)

 I love this - I was worried for a few seconds that this was going to be mean, but happily, they were doing something pretty damn nice - YAY!
(ETA:  Thanks Susan for letting me know the video wasn't there - I think I fixed it, but just in case - this is the link - :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

First UFO completion of 2013 :D

My friend Mickie and I are doing an informal blitz of our UFO's this year - I wrote up a page to list mine so I can keep track of what I've gotten done, and what still needs to be taken care of.  I went into the blitz thinking I had 8 or 10 UFO's - HA pipe dream, LOL!!   Last night I got my first completion done :D  I'm not going to point out that it was the easiest of all of the ones I have in the To Do box, and that it only required me stitching on 9 buttons *ahem* :D

Pink strings UFO - DS2 is holding it up outside and BOY was it cold out there - brrrrrrrrr!

Here's a Santa sack I finished today - hopefully the recipient's momma doesn't see it :D 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turtles and oranges and penguins and the jungle!

 Cataloguing UFO #7 - here's Orange Jungle Quilt (a toddler sized quilt) - it's already sandwiched so it needs quilting, backing and binding.  I made some bibs out of the last of these fabrics so this will go as a set to Blue Hills when it's done.

UFO #8 - Turtles quilt - this quilt top measures 37" x 37" - I need to buy border/backing/binding for this one.  (See the Pages link on my sidebar to see the UFO's I've catalogued so far :D)

 Well THIS one isn't a UFO!  It's a zipper bag (for our Florida trip) based on Kristin Link (Sew Mama Sew)'s fabulous freebie tutorial :)  This one is the iPad case sized one on the list of different sizes she provides instructions for - it measures 9.5" x 11.5" :)  No raw edges and such easy construction - I just love this pattern! 

Here's the second penguin bag for my Threadbias Challenge - it measures 10"w (at the top), 6.5"w (at the bottom), 10.5" tall and 3.5" deep.  The paper pieced penguin pattern is from Pretty in Patchwork:  Holidays :)  Next up - the polar bear block!  And I think Mr. Bear will get a jingle bell on his bag, lol!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Trying new things, officially but unofficially :D

Trying a few new things ........

Pinned - made several blocks using a new to me technique - QAYG  (quilt as you go) - really LOVE this technique!  I need to do this project on a different machine - the stitches on the Brother machine are crappy, but Bella (my Singer 201) does magnificent stitches.

A new project from a book - pp'd hat-wearing penguin block from Holiday Crafting (made into a tall pouch)

Here are a few measuring tape bags I finished earlier this month - I really like the boxed version! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finally on the mend ...

I'm finally almost over that dreadful cold I've had - other than a bit of a chesty cough I'm pretty much over it. It hung around for over 2 weeks, and I had to cancel a Keg dinner out with friends ... TWICE!!!

Thanks to my lovely sons bringing me home dead measuring tapes from work, I've been able to whip up some of these snappy "mtape" bags for Blue Hills. I recently tried boxing the bottoms, and now I think I have the sizing right for that. Cute little bags! There are tutorials here and here for those of you that would like to whip some of these up :)  The original design, I believe, is the Snap Happy Bag by Stitchin' Sisters :)

Here's my first finish for the Pretty in Patchwork sewalong from Threadbias - I'll be making 1 or 2 more bags in a similar theme and will post when finished.  The original project is pillows with inset paper pieced blocks - I decided that zipper bags would be more suitable for me :D  This bag measures 10w x 10t x 3.5d :)  Love the photobombing penguin, LOL!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

A new technique - I like it :D

I remember making a front-zip pouch years ago - it was specially designed so there would be no raw edges inside, but I remember having a hard time figuring out the construction, so I never made another one.  When I spotted this link I signed up for the freebie video class and watched the video - it looked pretty easy, so I tried it out this morning. 

I've made quite a few zipper bags over the years (ya think? LOL!) so I mainly went by the pdf instructions.  I ran into a spot of trouble at the end when it was time to stitch the side seams - there was no picture, and I wasn't sure how to orient the fabric.  That's when I checked out the video, saw what to do, and finished stitching.  When turning it right sides out it looked like it wasn't going to to work - I thought I had done something wrong, but nope - it was FINE!  And not a single raw edge to be found - a well done pattern, to be sure!  Thank you for a wonderful project, video and tutorial, Kristin Link! 

The instructions are for bags in 4 sizes that nest when finished - I think this would be a great set to make for my upcoming trip to Florida!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

UFO logging (but not completing) :D

This cold is kicking my butt!  It seems like it's going to hang around for a few more days, at least.  Thankfully the Benylin all-in-one cold & flu pills work really well, so I get some relief when they kick in :D

Here are more UFOs for the informal 2013 UFO Apocalypse finish-along that I'm doing with my friend Mickie -- I think I have 9 more downstairs to catalogue, and I haven't even started working on any of them.  YIKES!

This will be a toddler sized quilt - the blocks are done and the fabric for the borders/backing is at the top of the photo.  I'll need to get binding fabric in a blue/green combo, and batting. 

Pink and brown owl quilt - this is about 43" square - I have the top done and the backing (brown minky) is bought.  I need batting and binding.

 Black, white and lime string quilt - I have 48 x 9.5" (unf) squares - they'll be set 6 x 8 for a quilt size of approx. 54" x 72".  I need to assemble the quilt top, and then get backing, batting and binding for this one.

WOW the background is actually snow white - I guess my camera doesn't like blue tonight!  Here are a few zipper bags I got done for Blue Hills, from a FQ set I got @ Joanns a while ago - I believe I've now used up everything but some itty bitty scraps :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Trapezoid :D

Here's my attempt at lesson #1 - Seed Beads - from First-Time Beading on Fabric, by Liz Kettle - I deliberately used beads to match the background fabric in case things didn't go well, but it went pretty smoothly!  Next time I may brave up and try a color that doesn't blend in :D

Here's the bag I did the beading on -
a trapezoid bag from  It worked out pretty well except for a bit of a "wonked" angle where I had to take an extra deep seam on one of the boxy corners.  Pretty easy to do, so I'll make more - I'll probably draft another template about 25% bigger, to make it a bit easier to work on.  And I think I can avoid the wonk next time :D

Here's one last finish from the weekend - using up some flannel from my flannel box :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Knocked down with a cold ...

have been getting progressively worse for a few days - today I mostly slept - oh how I love my electric blanket :D Here are a few finishes from earlier this week - all are going into the gift box :D

Fabric baskets 6"w x 4"d x 4.5"t :) (tutorial was from but is no longer on the site)

Wide open zipper bag - tutorial by Anna/Noodlehead :D
Time for some Tylenol and a snuggle under the blanket - hopefully I'll kick the crud by tomorrow :D

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A few more projects for Blue Hills ...

I Think Sew pleated pouch (size medium)

Tall pouch :)
Vinyl zipper bags from this tutorial :)
I had a brain fart while doing the bag on the right in the last photograph - I had Christmas trim cut to stitch onto the vinyl - then I went and stitched the bag without attaching the trim, lol.   Not very Christmassy without the candy stripes!  I'll have to throw a couple of fun erasers or pencils into the bag to make up for it's lack of bling :D

Friday, January 4, 2013

A few more finishes from last year ...

Here are a few more finishes from 2012 :)   

5 minute bread bag - the one in the tutorial was too small for my loaves, so I made a larger version!  I didn't photograph the 2 bags I made that were too small, lol.
Laurel Burch bag set - a Christmas gift :)

Close-up of the zipper pull :)
Cowboy bag set - another Christmas gift :)
Today I made a wide open zipper bag (will get a picture tomorrow) - I still have to check the instructions several times when installing the zipper that way so I want to make a few of them to get the technique down pat.  I think it's such a great design - thank you to Anna/Noodlehead for a great tutorial!

Construction notes for the bread bag - to fit  a 1.5 pound loaf from my breadmaker:  cut tea towels to 2 x 13.5"w x [15"t ... finished] (or cut on the fold).  Cut tie to 30" long.  Fold fabrics RST with finished edge @ top, insert ribbon 2" from top, stitch down side(s) and across bottom, using 3/8" seam.  Trim seam down, zigag raw edges.  Tie a knot in each end of the tie, angle cut the end.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Last finishes of 2012 :D

Here are a few more of my finishes for 2012 - I had them sitting in a pile on the table until I could get around to photographing them, lol.

I Think Sew pleated pouch - size medium (7" x 5.5") :)

In Color Order drawstring bag :)

Use up bits and pieces zipper bags :D - note the twin needle stitching on the denim bag [top row, right] - the denim was upcycled from a pair of DS2's work jeans :D (for Blue Hills)

Patchwork pieced zipper bag (for Blue Hills)

Prairie point added to the pouch for fun!

Canada boxy handled bag and zipper bag (for Blue Hills) :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First finish of '13 :D

BTW - 2013 is the first year since 1987 where all the numbers are different.   I mentally checked the accuracy of that statement when I first heard it - did you?  Bet you did!  I hope everybody had a happy AND SAFE new year - hubby and I were in bed before midnight because we're old fogies, HAHA.

We had hubby's family over for lunch today - everything went really well, and we played "Hot potato" with the twins (8 months old) - they got passed around the table like proverbial hot potatoes, lol.  Such dolls!  I'm still in the midst of clean-up (dishwasher load #2 just finished, and when it cools down and I can empty the d/w, I'll load up the last load), and have enough leftovers for the rest of the week.  SCORE!  ;)  I stole a few minutes to run downstairs to stitch this little pretty:

Vinyl zippy from this tutorial :)
Vinyl is actually fairly easy to stitch - this one was a trial run just to make sure my machine wouldn't pitch fits (it didn't). The tutorial is here, and the vinyl is from a cheapy $ store shower curtain :D This one was cut to 8.5" x 7", and uses a 7" zipper :)


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