Thursday, January 24, 2013

First UFO completion of 2013 :D

My friend Mickie and I are doing an informal blitz of our UFO's this year - I wrote up a page to list mine so I can keep track of what I've gotten done, and what still needs to be taken care of.  I went into the blitz thinking I had 8 or 10 UFO's - HA pipe dream, LOL!!   Last night I got my first completion done :D  I'm not going to point out that it was the easiest of all of the ones I have in the To Do box, and that it only required me stitching on 9 buttons *ahem* :D

Pink strings UFO - DS2 is holding it up outside and BOY was it cold out there - brrrrrrrrr!

Here's a Santa sack I finished today - hopefully the recipient's momma doesn't see it :D 


  1. I LOVE it!!! The amount of pink in your quilt makes me so happy =D Where are the buttons sewn? I can't see them from way back here =P Hey...who cares if it is the easiest one on your list. You have to start somewhere =D

  2. Just love you pink strings.. it feels so good having a UFO finished....

  3. You go girl !!! I love string quilts and yours is great.

  4. Christmas sewing in January... now that's organisation!!! And I'm with Sasha... who cares if the quilt's the easiest on the list. It's gorgeous and it's finished.

  5. Doesn't matter if it's the easiest one on the list... a finish is a finish and I'll bet it felt good to cross it off your list.

  6. Beautiful! I love the colors.

  7. I haven't been keeping up with blogs but love that penguin bag of yours :) This Pink quilt is lovely and I know Llewlyn will love his sack :) Keep on finishing!!!
    Hugs, Mickie

  8. Nicely done, Sandra, I love it!!!!!


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