Friday, September 30, 2011

iFinished :)

Bug quilt finished - 40" x 40" :)
Time to mark THAT project off of my Christmas To Do list!  Posting this to Allie's Christmas Through the Year challenge :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few last finishes for September :)

 3 bibs that I literally pieced together with the last bits and pieces of the giraffe and hippo prints, and the last bits of some red (and reddish) flannel :) 
 Nancy did you give me this fabric? I used it all up - this set will go to Blue Hills :) 
My second wet bag - when I tried out the pattern a few months ago I kitted 2 of them, so now both are finished :D

Tonight I finished my bug quilt - it's in the washer right now so I'll post a picture tomorrow - it's a Christmas gift so I'm happy to have it done!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Seize the moment and DANCE :)

I finally finished the zipper pulls for this ladybug bag set - I got little ladybug beads on Ebay a while ago that were perfect as the main stone for the pulls :)

More stashbusting, the burgundy boxy bag finished off a piece of corduroy I had in stash, and the pillowcase used up the last of this farm fabric :)

Turn your volume down if you're at work!  Watch dad enjoying some music and dancing with his adorable baby - so sweet!  My husband wouldn't ever have done anything like this, LOL.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Phat Cat Jazz :D

HAHA pasta fabric!  A friend - noblog Susan in KC - gave me her macaroni scraps so I whipped up a couple of zipper bags :D

Phat Cat Jazz fabric from supermom Susan - hey Susan - here's what I made with your gift - thank you!

 Here's a close-up of the beaded zipper pulls on the boxy bags :)  The bags are lined with a light royalish blue TOT fabric :)

Yesterday I got the borders sewn on my bugs quilt - tomorrow I'll cut out the batting and try to get it sandwiched - I hope to have it finished by the end of the month!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Something is bugging me :D

A few recent finishes:

 A Christmas pillowcase for Blue Hills (11 of 14 made) ...
 ... a boxy and zipper bag set for ?? I haven't decided yet - I just wanted to use up the last of that Christmas fabric, lol.

 ... zipper bag and Snap Happy bag (LANT, using the Snap Happy bag pattern).  I'm not all that pleased with the design - I like the ones with the flex frame better, but I do like recycling the broken tape measure! 

This quilt top is finished up to the blue piping - the flimsy is sitting on top of a big piece of black TOT fabric on my design wall, as I wanted to see how it would look with that fabric as the border.  It looks mighty fine!  You can't really tell but those blocks are all made with bug fabrics - this is a gift for a 1 year old boy :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love chirpody!

I went to the chiropodist this morning with a mutant toenail - thick and - well, you know - ugly!  It was wearing holes in my running shoes!  He took a Dremel and sanded the nail down to a more normal thickness, trimmed it nice and straight, and now I no longer have a mutant toenail :)  I'll likely have to get it "resanded" every 6ish months, but what a pleasure it was to go in and come out FIXED!  If you have one of those errant nails you might be surprised at how easy (and low tech!) it is to manage the problem, lol!  I wish I hadn't waited so long to get it looked at!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got a scrappy quilt finished ...

but I haven't taken a photo yet because I wanted to sew some buttons into the block intersections, as the quilt is birthed and not quilted.  Hopefully I can get the buttons done in the next day or two - this quilt will be going to Blue Hills :)

In the interim, here are a few projects I *did* get completed - more stash busting, of course, and all will be going to Blue Hills :)  The pillowcase cuffs are from my collection of TOT (tone on tone) fabrics and I used up all the hat fabric for the bodies.  Those ladybugs and chicken fabrics are now finished as well, and even the zipper on 2 of those bags were from a thrift store :)

Pillowcases :)

Boxy and zipper bags :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fruit-a$$es - always good for a laugh :)

Here we go - a couple of fruit-a$$ zippies using up the last of this delicious fabric :)  Note the sweet crochet flowers, made by She With No Cape - aka Supermom ;)

I used strawberry charms to make the zipper pulls - these (and flamingo charms) were my first Etsy purchases a few years ago, lol.

Here's the other strawberry zipper pull :)

Gobble gobble - 3 turkey bibs which will be mailed soon - I want them to arrive at the recipient's house before our Canadian Thanksgiving :)

Here's a little set I finished a few days ago - I have 2 more sets cut out of that dec weight summer print (a Fabricland remnant) :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FNSI projects :)

Here's the dino stuffy I got started last night - I think I'll finish him tomorrow :) (See below for pattern info).

Hopefully the recipient will enjoy the scenery on the blue pillowcase, eh? LOL!

My favourite FNSI completion, this dinosaur is from Sew It, Stuff It by Robert Merrett - I made one earlier this year for our nephew Matteo, and this one is for his cousin Shawn :)  Shawn is turning 1 next week so I hope he likes his little surprise :)

Another successful FNSI completed, and tomorrow I get to poke around and see what the other participants worked on!

Friday, September 16, 2011

September FNSI - report on progress :D

Tonight is September's FNSI - I normally spend it with Nancy but today we were both feeling kinda of *blech* (that's blech, not belch, LOL).  I'm not sure if she'll sew or not, but I hope she's feeling better! I'm going to work on a couple of small items and watch my ebay auctions :D

Goal #1 - prepare and finish 2 pillowcases for a gift - to be mailed the next time we're Stateside.

Goal #2 - kit the remainder of the Christmas fabric from #1 - boxy/zipper bags (gift), pillowcase (Blue Hills).  [X] DONE!

Goal #3 - cut out and work on 2 Tomte dolls for Christmas gifts.
[X] NOT DONE!  Couldn't find the fabric I wanted to use, argh.
Added a new goal - #4 :D

Goal #4 - cut out & finish a stuffed dinosaur.
[X] ALMOST DONE!  Got 2 dinos drafted, one almost completed.  Here's a photo during construction :)

I'll finish this little guy up tomorrow and post pictures of my completions :)  I hope everyone else had a fun and successful FNSI - I sure did!

Edited to add - I did end up finishing the dinosaur at exactly midnight, lol.  He is CUTE!  He's getting some sleep now so he'll be fresh and perky for his photo shoot tomorrow :D


A hit (or 11) and a miss (or 5!) :)

It was a productive day - at least the hits outnumbered the misses, LOL!

Hit:  4 pink bibs (using the last of the flannel remnant and bits and pieces of trim) - these are for Blue Hills ...

Hit:  6 rainbow gift bags (small - 6" x 7" x 2") ...
Hit:  pillowcase made with fabric Nancy gifted to me (for Blue Hills) ...

The misses - I was kitting up the last bit of my Thanksgiving fabric to make bibs for gifts.  The fabric is directional ... can you guess where where this might be going?  ;)  I cut one out properly, then turned the template the wrong way for the rest (5!!!!), so the turkeys run sideways, LOLOL.  I'll  have to MacGyver them into submission - I should be able to salvage all of them with a bit of fancy footwork - apparently, into every day a little oopsy must fall!! ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Taking advantage of working fingers :D

Here are a couple of composition book covers I made to use the last of the floral fabric from my enabler friend Nancy :D  The crochet butterflies are from no-blog Trish!  These will go to Blue Hills :)

A few small completions - snowman bib (gift) and zipper bags (Blue Hills) - I still have a few more snowmen to finish up, but all the buttons are sewn on by hand so I take my time and do them as my fingers allow :D  

Here's what I worked on tonight @ Nancy's house - these are tiny little zipper pulls for bags I have completed or kitted to sew.  I only make these when my fingers are in good working order!  I ran out of lobster clasps so these will be completed when my ebay order (one of MANY, lol) arrives from China :D

(Edited to add - I just realized that I forgot to mention that the crochet flowers on the cherry bags [second photo] are from my favourite crafter's apprentice - Wendy!!!  Sorry about that, hon!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

iSewed :)

One more pillowcase for Blue Hills

Zipper and boxy bag set - a gift :)
YUMMY fabric!
The ladybug fabric is Timeless Treasures Ladybug fabric - debi-c1175-green - I didn't have enough lobster clasps to make the zipper pulls, but I did get the beads strung (with a ladybug bead in the centre of each pull).  There's a crochet heart and little ladybug buttons on the small bags - all 3 are lined with pretty red TOT fabric from Joanns :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Turn your volume down, but SFW and for kids :D

The flowers on their heads kill me, LOL!!!  (In case it's down on my site, check here :D)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fruita$$es :D

Fabric is Jungle Baby by Kate Honarvar
Here are the 2 bibs I made to use up the last bits and pieces of these fabrics - they're backed with luscious vanilla (ivory) chenille :)

Fruit Ladies fabric (by Mary Stewart)

Here's the boxy bag I made for Nancy's cousin Stella, using one of my all-time favourite fabrics :D  My dear sister, when presented with a zipper bag made from the same fabric, called it fruita$$ fabric, and that's how I've thought of it since then!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday completions :D

Floral boxy bag for Blue Hills

Zipper bag and pillowcase for Blue Hills

Travel themed zipper bag and notebook cover - a gift set :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Surprise shopping trip - lots o'photos :D

DH surprised me on Saturday with a fabric shopping trip to Buffalo for the day, YAY!  I bought some fabric, and notions, and more fabric, and some groceries - it was an absolutely lovely day out with my favourite husband ;)

I got some sewing done today, and tried out a new recipe - pulled pork quesadillas - YUM! Next time I'll use my big pancake griddle next time so I can make more than 1 at a time :)

Today's projects:

4 winter gift bags :)

Panty bag for Nancy - crochet flower by Wendy!

Orange boxy bag - crochet flowers by Nancy :D

Some of my purchases - some from Hobbty Lobby, but most from Joanns :D

Oranges, orange flowers, mushrooms (LOL!) and a doggy print :)
Brown floral FQ set :)

Christmas print, red and black TOTs :)

Puppy themed FQ set :)
Colourful kiddy FQ set :)

Purple paisley and co-ordinating purple shell buttons :)

Fun notions, including some new velcro colours!

Goodies for Nancy :)


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