Friday, September 16, 2011

A hit (or 11) and a miss (or 5!) :)

It was a productive day - at least the hits outnumbered the misses, LOL!

Hit:  4 pink bibs (using the last of the flannel remnant and bits and pieces of trim) - these are for Blue Hills ...

Hit:  6 rainbow gift bags (small - 6" x 7" x 2") ...
Hit:  pillowcase made with fabric Nancy gifted to me (for Blue Hills) ...

The misses - I was kitting up the last bit of my Thanksgiving fabric to make bibs for gifts.  The fabric is directional ... can you guess where where this might be going?  ;)  I cut one out properly, then turned the template the wrong way for the rest (5!!!!), so the turkeys run sideways, LOLOL.  I'll  have to MacGyver them into submission - I should be able to salvage all of them with a bit of fancy footwork - apparently, into every day a little oopsy must fall!! ;)


  1. Wow. I'd be happy with that total, lol! Even with the misses! I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something, hon!

  2. Yep... have to do some fancy cutting and joining back together, add a bit of ric rac or ribbon and no one will know that you didn't plan them that way.

    As always... your bags and pillowcases and bibs are great.

  3. That's better than a 2-1 ratio, so well done!! Anyway, who says turkeys can't lie on their sides?!


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