Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas stitcheries :D

I stitched this out for someone who LOVES spiders ;)
A little assortment of stitcheries for a friend :)

Freebie from Pacific Northwest Embroidery's 2011 Advent calendar
Old Matryoshka of the month from the PNW-Embroidery Yahoo group
Freebie from - 15000 stitches, and it stitched perfectly!

Brian :)

Brian and Nick, 1989 :)

Kim, Sherry & Brian 1998 :)
In memory of Buzz (Brian) - our brother, the other redhead - Feb. 25/64 to Dec. 31/98 :)  I'm closing comments on this post - I get a little bit too emotional :)

Happy New Year to everybody, and please - STAY SAFE!

More Christmas gifts :D

Taupe/black pillowcases for my SIL :)
Tall pouch for my brother Kim

Lining of Kim's bag - I couldn't find hockey card fabric but I did find a baseball version!

Tote and tall pouch for Jamie

Horse embroidery added to lining of Jamie's set

Name added to Jamie's pieces
Pouch for Graci - when she goes to a friend's house or to the vet or doggy park she can carry her treats and poop bags! ;)
The lining of Graci's bag :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

LL Cool B :)

Great nephew Lleyton, 2 days old :)
I already have a folder on my laptop just for his photos, and tonight I changed my desktop background to do a Lleyton slideshow :D

Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Christmas gifts :)

Christmas tall pouch and gift bags, went to Alabama :)

Travel bag set and flower pins, now living in Michigan :D
3 owl embroideries (these apparently haven't arrived in Aus yet!)
Paisley bag set (these went to Sweden!)
Pillowcases for Amina (when she was living in California)

Cancan tall pouch, being used in Germany :D
Bunny and sewing stitchouts, living in the UK!
Goldens bag set, at home in Ontario :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Humbug triplets :)

Here are some Christmas gifts I made for my sister and her two daughters:

Patch inside Stacie's bag

The other patch inside Stacie's bag
Patches for Jenn's bag
Patch inside Sherry's bag

The other patch inside Sherry's bag
The triplets, completed

Back of the bags

Close-up of one of the bags
Names from: Free Embroidery Name Library
Stacie's tree and Jenn's wreath:  Christmas Whimsies by Designs by Sick 
Sherry's pretty tree:  Freebie from Sew Teri-fic Designs 
Fabric from:  Joanns in Cortland, New York (which we found by accident when we were looking for a place to eat, lol).

Happy birthday, and Happy birth day :)

Happy birthday to my SIL Heather (today), and happy Birth Day to my newest great nephew (yesterday)!   Jenn had her baby, Jenn had her baby, my sister is now a GRAMMIE!!!

Here's Grammie Sherry holding Lleyton (LL Cool B!) - baby momma Jenn looks fantastic only a day after having him - BRATTY KID!!

Proud grandpa Mark holding Lleyton - the star of the show looks ever so handsome and contented :)  He looks like his daddy in this photo!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank God it's over

I know I'm not the only one that had *husband issues* (ahem) @ Christmas - so for those of us that had crap, BRING ON THE CHOCOLATE!   I'm glad the whole thing is over for another year - I must remember for 2012 to arrange to be on another planet or a deserted island for the festive season.  Or maybe just hubby can go to the far-off planet - that bears investigating! 

On a happier note we're waiting for news about a special delivery from our very expectant niece --- I'm sure my sister (grandma-to-be) jumps every time the phone rings!  Any day now ... *rubbing my hands with glee* :)

On a totally unrelated note (hehe) here's a project I completed recently - McCalls #M6368 - burp cloth, taggy blanket and bib :)  I have a pink set under construction as well :D 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cupcakes and a doberman (dobergirl, actually, LOL)

This is piece #3 of the cupcake set I wanted to make ... sorry about the gaudy colour - the white background photographed terribly (and greenishly?!)

Close-up of the cupcake embroidery I did on the front

Here's the cupcake picture from Julias Needle Designs

3 piece cupcake set - pleated pouch, boxy bag and gift bag :)

Freebie dobie pattern from

Dobie gift bag to hold my neighbours Christmas gifts - sorry, I should have pressed it first, lol!

Don't mess with the frog (SFW) :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 down, 1 to go :D

 Here are the beaded zipper pulls I made for both bags ...
... and here are the two bags I completed with the last of this cupcake fabric :)  If you look closely you can see the 3 heart buttons I put on each bag :)

Tomorrow I'm going to make a 3rd piece for the set, and that will complete it :)

Links:  pleated pouch ... boxy bag :)

Time for cupcakes!

Pleated pouch by Skip to my Lou, cupcake fabric from  Hobby Lobby :)  The fabrics on the right will soon, with elven help, turn into a boxy bag to go with the pouch ;)   I'll be making beaded zipper pulls for these as my fingers are working well at the moment :D

Now Santa has a guide for his sleigh :)

Note to self:  use pressing mat when using a hot iron on fleece *sigh*

At least his facial iron scar isn't as visible now that he's stuffed!  Pattern available here :)

I made a pillowcase with this fabric, and had just a scrap left!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

But do you recall ... the most famous reindeer of all?

Well, he's not famous yet because he isn't finished, but if I get him done in time, he could perhaps do a very important job on Saturday night!! ;) Pattern is from preciouspatterns on Etsy :)  I was busy working away on him but needed to come do some housework and get supper started, lol.  Hopefully I can finish him tonight!

Monday, December 19, 2011

All 6 "Save the Ta-tas" bags done :)

5 of the 6 "Save the Tatas" bags I made for the ladies on hubby's side of the family - just in time for Christmas :)  Bag #6 has already been mailed - it couldn't wait for the group photo op :D

All the bags have this embroidery on the lining, in various shades of pink :D


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