Sunday, December 11, 2011

It only took 11 days ...

Every year by mid-December I start to dream of going to a hotel on Christmas Eve and not coming home until Boxing Day.  I never do it, but I dream it.

Things that care more about Christmas than my guys:
- a box of rocks
- road kill
- the lint in my dryer
- mold on bread

I made these today - they're first aid bags for my kids, who like most (some?) people in construction, come home with paper towel and electrical tape wrapped around the cuts and scrapes they get at work.  Surely a little bit of antibiotic cream wouldn't kill them?!  The first aid cross is a freebie embroidery pattern from - it stitched out perfectly both times.

Edited to add:  the denim I used for the bags is reclaimed denim from their work jeans - very appropos ;) (and I'm running low on denim, so they need to wear out more jeans!)


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