Thursday, February 28, 2008

Have a happy period ... MY ASS!!!

Wendi Aarons = my new hero.
YOU GO GIRL!!! The "F-16 in my pants" killed me, as did the "Are you fucking kidding me?" ... oh what the hell - the whole thing killed me. I LOL'd ... then I LOL'd some more!! Then came the responses ... "It isn't that far removed from wishing someone a Happy Bowel Movement on the side of the Prep H tube" (HA!!!) ... "Not to mention that when (not if) the wings come loose, you can get yourself a mini Brazilian without wanting one" ... I LOL again and again! Wendi, my hat is OFF to you!!!

I posted earlier about the peanut butter cookies I baked today, but the post disappeared into cyberspace. The cookies are doing the same thing - but they're disappearing into my kids' stomachs, LOL.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

More stash used = 5 more bibs :)

I had to redo a section of the bright string baby quilt - I used the wrong presser foot to assemble the section. I always use the width of my foot as my seam width, so there was a difference in between the first and second set --- too much to "fudge". I had to rip apart the seam attaching the two rows together, then redo each of the seams putting the blocks together. Oh yes, it was fun. NOT! I use a 1.2 stitch length for most of my sewing, so froggy stitching is a bitch!! But it's fixed, and now I just have to assemble the last section .. using the right foot this time ;)

I picked up a metre of brown flannel at Fabricland yesterday and used it to finish up some scraps my girlfriend Chris had given me (circus animal flannel) - I got 5 bibs done, with a few tiny scraps left over. Not enough for another bib, so I'll save the scraps for crumb blocks.

I also got light purple flannel so I can use up the rest of the purple scraps I have. I think I have enough purple for 3 or 4 bibs. After that will be the cat flannel. I'm getting quite a collection for C4C!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

6 more bibs ...

I used up a couple more pieces of stash flannel, and got 2 more rows put together for the baby quilt. The 40% off sale is next week at Fabricland, so I'll be able to pick up a nice piece of bright (yellow, green, pink, blue? :D) fabric for the quilt backing. I think I'm going to birth this one, and round off the edges - it should be pretty when it's done :) (all these items are for C4C)

And speaking of the weather (ok, we weren't, so I took poetic license - sue me :D) - WHEN THE HELL IS IT GOING TO WARM UP?!??!??! Come on SPRING!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

6 bibs done :)

Yes, I know one of the purple bibs has a booboo - I noticed it as soon as I finished it ;) OH - wait - it was PLANNED that way! Yes, it was! This way the baby can see the pictures right sides up :D Two girly, 2 Batman and 2 neutral purple bibs - ready for C4C :)

I'll be doing more of the patchwork ones - the remnants I had weren't big enough so I pieced them - I like the way they turn out! I have some other purples cut in strips already, and some cats ... these bibs are great stashbusters - I've already used up several flannel scraps :)

I'm the HOOKER???!?! I can't be Scarlett???!!!

ROTFL this isn't the result I was expecting! HA!!!!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby quilts 'n bibs :)

I recently joined a Yahoo group created for Canadian crafters who want to make items for Canadian charities - thats me! The group is called Caring 4 Canadians ... it's at ... and what a nice bunch of ladies I've been chatting with!! I love the "world wide" part of the internet and treasure the friends I've made from all over, but sometimes it's nice to talk to people locally, who have the same crappy weather as me, or who shop at the same stores, or who don't have the same stores I don't have ;) They even have a BBQ planned for July in Toronto, and I'm going to move heaven and earth so I can go to it! LOVE IT!!

Most of them are yarn arteeests - they knit and crochet the most delightful items. I of course will be sewing, and I've already started a couple of projects. The first is a bright string baby quilt ... and I'm also going to make baby bibs with a lot of my scrap flannel. I'm 2/3 done the quilt top, and completed 2 bibs today. I'm not sure which of their projects my items will go to, but I'll decide when I get everything done.

I did get a bunch of sewing done today --- 7 blocks for the baby quilt, 1 more paper pieced house block for Wee Houses, 2 bibs, and 5 needle cases almost completed - I just need to buy the felt for the inside, and add the snap (tutorial available at

If it would warm up a bit so I could get out walking again, life would be GRAND!!

Sandra :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snow, snow ... and MORE snow :p

Pictures taken from my front door -- the kids are going to have to shovel AGAIN!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've been a busy little beaver :)

After having so many problems with my Babylock (and the new-to-me Vintage Brother machine I got from craigslist), I discovered that my neighbour's inexpensive (and barely used) Kenmore runs extremely well. It still amazes me that I can sit and sew for hours with no nests, no needles breaking, no screwed up stitches - it's HEAVENLY!!! I finished this crumb top today - the blocks were all assembled on the Kenmore, so I've renamed the project ... this is now my Kenmore-ic Fusion of Crumbs quilt top :D It's folded up - this is 1/8 of the top. The finished quilt will be 54 X 72. The melted wax looking fabric is called Fusion - hence the name ... ;)

Here's a needlecase I recently finished (almost finished, I mean, as it needs a snap sewn on, and I don't have any). Here's a link to the tutorial ... ... isn't hers sweet? And it only takes a few minutes to make - I have fabric lined up to make another 4 or 5 of them - I just need to get felt (and snaps!) - cute cute cute!

I told you I've been busy!! Here are the 4 blocks I have done so far for my Wee Houses project - I'm making it for a friend - it will have 9 of the house blocks (they're 5" square) and sections of pineapple type blocks for the borders. The project will be about 25" square, and is from a book called Paper Piecing Picnic. It'll be very cute! The blocks are paper pieced, which is why my seams are so accurate and my points are PERFECT :p

I think I can get the felt and the snaps at the $ store - my fabric store will probably charge 3X as much as a different store, lol. Sorry Fabricland, but you KNOW it's true!!!

Sandra :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

2 miles and 2 pillowcases - coincidence? ;)

I walked 2 miles today - the weather was perfect (0C, and with the windchill, -4C) so I hustled my butt out there to see if I could do my 2 mile walk, and I did :) I was tired and sweaty at the end, but I did it, YAY!

And here's the set of pillowcases I made last night :)

Now I'm off to the studio - all my guys are sitting here watching football - I think it's something called ... The Grey CupSuperbowl 42, so I'm getting the hell out of Dodge so I don't have to watch this, LOL.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

One more mile, and a cage quilt :)

I got in my one mile "easy walk" this morning - it was harder to do today than it was yesterday, so my legs didn't lift quite as high, and my arms kind of hung by my sides, LOL. But I did it, and I'm very happy --- 2 miles down, 98 miles to go by May 1, LOL! *Sandra pats herself on the back for a job well done* :)

Yesterday I finished up another cage quilt using recycled linen and fabric/thread scraps that I save up in a pillowcase. I put a bunch of fabric scraps in an old pillowcase, sewed the case closed, did a bit of "cross-hatch" stitching on it so the fabric wouldn't all migrate to one corner, then made a cover for it with some orange polyester (HA!) from my late MIL's house. It measures 17" X 19", and I know it'll soften and warm a cage for one of our homeless 4 legged friends :) I'm sure the animal won't mind the orange!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Pillowcases and Treks :)

That Kenmore I stoleborrowed from my neighbour is a little TROOPER!! Today it *again* ran like a charm - I am LIKING this!! And it surely puts me in a happier mood than my beastly Babylock, lol. Today I whipped up a pair of pillowcases - simple sewing to be sure, but no problems during the construction makes Sandra a happy camper :)

And - my sister-in-law (Heather) and I each put in our first MILE today (me via an exercise video, she via a treadmill) - our goal is to walk 100 miles by May 1, and today was the first day of the "trek". One mile down, 99 to go, LOL.

What a GREAT day!!


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