Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I can now close down November :D

More Christmas sewing -  I tend to assembly-line projects when it's something I like - it saves time, and uses up a nice lil bit of stash.  Here are a few projects I've finished this month in multiplicate :D

First up - more Eunice bags - I've now made 9 of them, at last count.  These are Christmas gifts for my neighbour girls - they'll have other goodies tucked inside (stickers etc.) :)

Eunice bags
Wallets - tutorial here - I did some of these last year for Christmas gifts, and this year I'm doing some for the kids that didn't get one last year.  Some of them will get goodies tucked inside - gift cards or maybe even a little bit of $$$ ;)

Kids wallets
Close-up of the inside of the wallet

Snowman hand puppets!   I used this pattern, but I sewed mine together - I don't actually make *glued* projects, generally - it's great for kids, but I prefer something a little more permanent :D  These are for some neighour kids - I'm going to make one of my snowman drawstring bags (tutorial here) to hold them - I think it's very appropos :D

Snowman hand puppets
I'm not very happy with my rocket finger puppets - things went awry from the first moment I started them, and didn't improve as I continued to work on them. They're too plain, and there's a problem with the ric rac on some of them - I'm just not pleased with the finished items, and will be making a new set.  Not everything works out well, and these fit that description :D  (The pattern for the rocket is from a Rocket Toss game I bought on Craftsy years ago - it's no longer available)

Rocket finger puppets - not a success, lol
Christmas gift pillowcases :)  Nice stash busting (about a meter per case), quick to make up (even with all the raw seams zigzagged) and best of all - useful :)   I hope the kids like them :)
3 kids pillowcases - ants, ants and ladybugs 

Close-up of the ladybug fabric (from Fabricland)

Close-up of the red ant fabric (Fabricland)

Close-up of the blue ant fabric (Fabricland)

Recently I posted a picture of some Eunice bags I had finished up - one of the bags was made with soccer fabric (from Joanns).   These 2 items will be tucked in that soccer bag - a wallet, and a flex frame bag - I wanted to use up the scraps, and I thought these would be fun for an 8 year old boy :)

Flex frame bag and wallet front

Flex frame bag and wallet back

That's it for now - I'm tempted to take a break, but I have lots of things I could be working on - and besides - sewing is fun :D  I'll be back in Santa's workshop dungeon tomorrow, I expect, working away on something :D

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ladybug ladybug - fly away home :)

Quicky post, as I have to get some finger puppets finished up today, and I haven't even printed out the pattern, oops!  I just finished this project off, and I'm so pleased with it that I had to post it right away :)

Ladybug drawstring bag :)
Presenting ... ladybug drawstring bag :D  The tutorial is here - I printed out her pattern - I printed it out scaled to fit my paper (8.5" x 11"), proportionately, then increased the size by 50%.   My bag finished to 8" tall x 8" wide.  The wings are separate from the main body bag, but I tacked them down at the very bottom so they'd sit in place nicely.  The black dots are little sequins I stitched onto to the wings :)  If I can say so myself without sounding boasty, this is a mighty cute ladybug bag, and officially counts as #25 in my "52 in 16" goal.  I'm pretty sure I won't reach my goal in the next 4 weeks, LOL, but at the very least, I should pass the half-way mark?!  :D

Drawstring bag and finger puppets :)
These are the finger puppets I finished up that needed a cute storage bag to keep them corralled :D  This set of goodies is part of a Christmas gift for a 4 year old girl - her brothers' gifts are almost finished as well, and will be posted when I get them finished :D

All the puppets and the ladybug bag are new projects for me, so I get to post them to Fiona's New to Me for this month ... and since they're Christmas gifts as well, they qualify for Ho Ho Ho for November as well - YAY ME :)  ETA:  Oh yes!  The ladybug bag is going in the Bag It challenge - I almost forgot!

OK!  Butt off computer and back to sewing machine in 3 ... 2 ...


Monday, November 28, 2016

OMG for November - completed :)

I've been working on a dinosaur D9P (disappearing 9 patch) quilt for OMG since I joined it last month.  This month's goal was to finish the last 2 of 9 blocks, quilt them (QAYG), and trim them down to size.  Mission ACCOMPLISHED :)  I not only got all the blocks finished and quilted, I also got them stitched together, so I now have a quilted quilt top ready  to be birthed and tied :)  I hung it on the clothesline to get a picture - it's currently 3C out there with the windchill (feels 37F) :D  It was a mite nippy to be out there in t-shirt and sandals, lol.

D9P quilt back

D9P quilt front :)
I suspect that finishing the quilt will be my OMG for next month :D  If you have a "quilt related goal" that you need a gentle kick in the butt to work on ... I suggest you try this challenge - my fabric would still be hidden in a drawer NOT being a quilt top, had I not decided to try this :D  Thanks Heidi for starting OMG, and to Patty for continuing it!  Posting my photos to the November finish link-up party here :)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sleigh bells ring - are you listening? :)

Christmas sewing!

Drawstring gift bag - appliqued with this lil lady ... 

I'll just pop these into the drawstring bag and *poof* - gift done!
Owl hand puppet tutorial is from Sewn Together by Jenny Doh
Finger puppet pattern was available to Good Critters newsletter subscribers - it may not be available any longer.
The book is from Amazon :)

Not a Christmas gift, but a donation bag - a floral toiletries bag :)  I call it a toiletries bag because I have toiletries from the dentist that I don't use so I save them and donate them in a pretty bag :)

A finish-up-some-scraps pleated pouch :)

3 more Eunice bags - these are all Christmas gifts :)  When I have all the goodies made and collected that are going inside, I'll take group photos :D 

Shark bag - this isn't a Christmas gift either, but I wanted to make a pouch for a young lad - I think he'll like this shark *chomp* :D

All 7 of these bags will be posted to the Bag It challenge, and the owl pieces and Eunice bags will go to the Ho Ho Ho linky party for November :)  I'll post the puppets to Celtic Thistle Stitches New to Me linky for November - both designs - the hand and the finger - are new to me, and I think I did a nice job on them, so I think they deserve a New to Me designation :)   I have snowman hand puppets, wallets, little girl finger puppets, and more Eunice bags finished that I need to photograph ... Christmas sewing is almost complete :)   Christmas shopping is almost done as well - I'm hoping to have time to finish up some UFO projects in December, rather than frantically sewing on Christmas Eve to finish things up, hehe.  It would certainly be a first :D

Sunday, November 6, 2016

OMG for November - my goal, and OMG's new home :D

Last month was my first attempt at the OMG (one monthly goal) challenge, hosted by Heidi at Red Letter Quilts :) Starting this month, Patty at Elm Street Quilts will be the new hostess for this challenge, and I'm ready to get cracking :D Here's my November entry, involving a dinosaur D9P quilt.  Last month my goal was to cut out the squares and start on the blocks (and I reached my goal - cutting done, 7 of the 9 blocks assembled).  This month I want to finish the last 2 blocks, QAYG quilt them, then trim them down to the correct size.

D9P blocks 8 & 9 ready to be assembled

Left = the 7 blocks ready to be quilted.  Right = the batting cut out for the 9 blocks, and the squares for the two last blocks to be assembled.  
I found the last of the pictures of my  Halloween finishes for this year - skeleton puppets for several of the neighbour kids and for some greats (niece + nephews), along with bat finger puppets that either got tucked into cards, or tucked into treat bags :)  This is 2 different sets of skeletons - on the first set I had forgotten to stitch the mouth on before sewing the pieces together, so I had to draw them in with permanent marker (I wasn't happy about that!).  On the second set the mouths are stitched on - a much nicer look, in my opinion :)

Skeleton Hand Puppets (pattern here)

Another set of skeleton hand puppets (pattern here)

Bat finger puppets (pattern here)
AHA, lol - I forgot about this little guy that I made either in September or October ... a simple bunny hand puppet made from a washcloth!  I sent him off as part of a Christmas gift for a great nephew :)

Bunny bathmit hand puppet - tutorial here :)

Posted to OMG for November :)


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