Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday Makers! #6 :)

Time for another Monday Makers! update - as per my usual efficiency, I'm posting it on Tuesday ;)  Last week I started several new projects, and I got 2 1/3 of 3 goals finished ;)

Set of 4 drawstring bags (about 10" x 16") - done :) 

Chickeny denim bibs - done :)

Flex frame bag - 1 completed of 3 - this one measures 4.5" x 7".
A finish from Week 4 is the last of the scrappy zipper bags made with scraps from previous projects - I'm glad I'm finished with these prints - I'm sick of them, lol.  The few bits and pieces left over went into my scrap quilt pile - I won't have to look at them for a long time :D

Goals for this coming week are to finish a shark stuffy  (NAYY) and another set of gift bags. I started these last night while I was watching Blacklist - I seem to get very productive close to midnight, LOL! 

Shark stuffy from BedbuggsPatterns store on Etsy :)

Drawstring bags from a FQ set from a long-ago Joanns shopping trip :D

And now I'm off to check out this weeks' links - I want to see what the others are getting up to :D

Posted to Monday Makers! #6 @ Hug-a-Bit Quilts :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday Makers! #5 :)

I had some fun last night (at 11:00ish p.m., lol) starting some new projects for this week's Monday Makers :D

First up are a couple of bibs that I decided to make to use up that chicken ribbon - I had about a meter of it and thought it would be cute as an embellishment :D

These are future flex frame bags - the outer fabrics were all scraps from previous projects, just big enough to make some cute flexies :)
Last, but not least, in the new Monday projects, are a set of 4 gift bags using up some FQ's I bought at Joanns a while ago.  You can't really tell by the picture but I've already assembly-line stitched the top band to the main part of the bag.  I got some cute green polka dot fabric yesterday @ The Quilt Store, for lining :)

Here's my progress from week #4.  The plan was to use up a small bag of scraps to make zipper bags - I figured there were enough scraps for 3 bags, and 1 is now completed.

Snap tape bag with 3D shark applique.  Cute, right?  NO!  It was a disaster from the moment I started working on it - it was one of those projects where everything went wrong, LOL.  The biggest problem is that somehow I managed to crack (almost in half) the measuring tape inside the casing at the top - if the bag had worked out better I would have replaced it, but since the bag wasn't going well anyways, I'm not bothering.  Sorry Nancy - it is NOT worth salvaging!  This one will be redone - I hadn't done a snap tape bag in a while so I'm considering this one to be a refresher project :D 

Posting to Monday Makers! #5 :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Odds and ends and bats and sharks :D

Using up the last bits of fabric pouches - these Halloween pouches measure 8"w x 7.5"t.  They're lined with black TOT, and feature bat zipper pulls (!!), bat buttons as an embellishment, and quilted fronts with bonus curved quilting for fun :D  IIDSSM, I did a nice job!
A bunch of small zipper bag finishes - all will go to Blue Hills :)
A shark gift I completed in September.  Shark pillowcase (fabric here), pencil box, cookie cutter, stickers, stuffy (pattern originally bought here, but I don't see it listed in her store now), 3D applique zipper bag, reading book :)   I'm linking to my sources where I can in case anyone else wants to do a shark gifty - these are NOT affiliate links - NAYY!!!!  This gift set has been posted to the Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :D

Here's a close-up of the 3 items I made for the gift :D
Two winter notebook covers :)

The shark Christmas gift was given to the recipient's Nonna and Nonno earlier this week, so they'll deliver it in person this weekend, and mom can hide it until Christmas :)  It feels good to have it done and sent early, and it feels even better that I didn't have to pay Canada Post $20 to mail it!  That's $20 I can spend on fabric instead, LOL! 

Posted to September's Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday Makers! Week #4 :)

It's a good thing Nurdan started this Monday Makers linky program - it seems to be the only time I get a chance to blog!  Party #4 is here :)

Last week I posted that I was going to work on a music themed composition book cover.   Here's the completed cover - it was hard to photograph as my first TWO sets of pics had to be ditched due to wrinkles or bad background colour :D  Lesson learned - bright red fleece may not be ideal for some photographs :D

Here's the first item I'm going to work on for week 4 - scraps from a set of fabrics I purchased years ago and have used in several projects.  These are the last bits I have left - I couldn't bring myself to throw them away, but I'll be very glad when I don't have to look at them any more :D  These will be patchworked to make 2 or 3 zipper bags for Blue Hills :) 

This is a future measuring tape/snap bag featuring sharks - there will be an applique shark on the outside, and the lining is the cute shark print from Joanns.  This will be part of a Christmas gift :)

As always - thanks Nurdan for the gentle online kick in the butt - it sure works on ME, lolol!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Makers! #3 :)

During Monday Makers! #2 I started 2 new projects - a shark stuffy and an applique shark bag (adapted from this tutorial for a pillow).  The applique'd bag measures 10" x 12", and Mr. Sharky is 14" x 10" x 4.5" (he's a fatty!) :) 

I started something new for Monday Makers! #3 - a music themed composition book cover :D I love making these - they're quick and easy, use up more fabric than you would think, and then you end up with a really lovely project - win/win/win :D

I also tried a new recipe - and immediately moved the pin to my Favourites board, LOL.  YUM @ Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip cookies :D

Posted to Monday Makers! #3 :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Makers #2

Monday Makers #2 - hosted by Nurdan @ Hug-a-Bit Quilts - is now up, and I have a few things to post :D

Here's my post for week #1 - I started 3 different projects - a D9P quilt, a set of 3 superhero capes, and a cross-stitched-fox-embellished zipper bag.  The D9P quilt is now underway - 3 of 9 blocks assembled, but no photo as the basement is so dark I couldn't get a decent picture.

The fox zipper pouch is completed, but I ran into problems --- the XS design was too small when stitched on 14ct. waste canvas, and not having done cross-stitch in quite a while, I made every newbie mistake in the world, haha.  Next one will go better - I have some 8.5ct waste cloth coming from Amazon :D  I'm happy it's done, and it's still cute, despite it's imperfections :D

The superhero capes were all finished as well - they were posted here, modelled by DS1.  It has been suggested that he could have done a Superman pose to model them - we'll do that next time, LOL.

Projects for Monday Makers #2 --- SHARKS!   On the left is a denim Bedbuggs shark stuffy that's been traced onto denim and is ready to stitch up.  I'm changing up the eyes - I found cool resin sew-on eyes on Etsy and they work perfectly for this guy.   I also started another zipper pouch that will be embellished with a shark applique - hopefully I math better this time around compared to last time, LOL!

Posting to Monday Makers #2 :)

P.S.  I reuploaded the fox bag picture because the original one was pretty darn bad - hopefully the new one is a bit better, but I don't have a really good camera, and I'm a crappy photographer anyways :D  This new picture has a bonus on it - we had a GREEN!! visitor while I had the zippy on the fence :D


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