Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday Makers! #5 :)

I had some fun last night (at 11:00ish p.m., lol) starting some new projects for this week's Monday Makers :D

First up are a couple of bibs that I decided to make to use up that chicken ribbon - I had about a meter of it and thought it would be cute as an embellishment :D

These are future flex frame bags - the outer fabrics were all scraps from previous projects, just big enough to make some cute flexies :)
Last, but not least, in the new Monday projects, are a set of 4 gift bags using up some FQ's I bought at Joanns a while ago.  You can't really tell by the picture but I've already assembly-line stitched the top band to the main part of the bag.  I got some cute green polka dot fabric yesterday @ The Quilt Store, for lining :)

Here's my progress from week #4.  The plan was to use up a small bag of scraps to make zipper bags - I figured there were enough scraps for 3 bags, and 1 is now completed.

Snap tape bag with 3D shark applique.  Cute, right?  NO!  It was a disaster from the moment I started working on it - it was one of those projects where everything went wrong, LOL.  The biggest problem is that somehow I managed to crack (almost in half) the measuring tape inside the casing at the top - if the bag had worked out better I would have replaced it, but since the bag wasn't going well anyways, I'm not bothering.  Sorry Nancy - it is NOT worth salvaging!  This one will be redone - I hadn't done a snap tape bag in a while so I'm considering this one to be a refresher project :D 

Posting to Monday Makers! #5 :)


  1. Win some, lose some :(
    I really like that 3D shark.

  2. 3D shark looks so cute :) Thank you for linking up with Monday Makers! Sandra. Cheers, Nurdan

  3. This shark looks so cute and not scary at all. Love all your things. Good to see it's not just me that's busy.

  4. The 3D shark turned out great, even if the bag itself didn't. LOVE the scrappy zipper bags... the colours and fabric work SO well together. I'm not normally a fan of orange and yellow. Maybe it's the fact that they're combined with the blue. Not sure, but beautiful.

  5. You make me laugh, starting at 11pm...that is so me! Love your projects, too bad about tape bag but the shark is too cute for words - hope you're salvaging him!

  6. Who knew sharks could be so cute!

  7. So sorry the bag didn't work, but I love the 3D shark idea, he is so, so, so cute!


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