Saturday, February 28, 2015

I made a very special zipper bag today :)

I'd like to show you some pictures of the bag I made today - see if you can spot why it's so special!  ;)  I've been making denim + batik zipper pouches to use up a bunch of pendants I bought a while ago to use for zipper pulls - I didn't even have a chance to put the zipper pull on this particular bag, lol.  Notice the pretty variegated thread stitching and the studs on the front - so pretty!

Front :)

Back :)

Lining fabric - isn't it gorgeous?

Wait ... what??!!!

Something doesn't look quite right here!
If you guessed that I somehow, in my infinite non-wisdom, managed to trim down the wrong end of the zipper, leaving me with a lovely zipperless zipper bag, you would be right - imagine my surprise when I realized what I had done, LOL!!!  Perfectly beautiful bag - big handicap!  I'm still laughing - it's probably among the top 2 stupidest things I've ever done at the sewing machine :D

Here are a few finishes that turned out better than the previous one - all of these are going to Blue Hills :)

4 seahorse bibs (completed in January) :)

3 Oriental boxy bags :)

3 upcycled denim bibs from worn out work jeans from one of my guys - I don't even remember whose jeans they were, lol :)

4 denim and batik zipper bags - these ones DID work out and include an actual working zipper ;)

Doggy bib and taggy set completed in January :)

One last bib+taggy set from January, featuring a pretty doggy print from Joanns :)  Close-up shows the ribbon I found to go with it, and the quilting on the center of the taggy :)

Bibs and Taggies :)

Here are a few of the bib and taggy sets I got finished in February - all of these are going to Blue Hills :) Note the frequent use of the white and pink flamingo fabric - I bought a LOT of it years ago and am still plowing through it, lol.

This last set was made to use up some pink scraps - these quilt as you go bibs were done on Warm and Natural batting for extra body :)

I have 2 more sets to photograph but I need to run them through the washer/dryer first - I like to wash everything before I donate it (except zipper bags, haha) - to make sure that there are no loose seams that might fray/wobble after washing ;)  I'm working on boy sets in March - I have some pretty blue flannels from Joanns that I want to cut into :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ho Ho Ho and On I Sewed :D

These 8 earbud pouches have been completed just in time for the February Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :)  As soon as I took the picture they went right into my Christmas 2015 box, ready for whenever they might be needed come the holiday season :D  They measure about 5" wide and are just the right size for a mini candy cane, a bit of $$, or a lovely little box of chocolates :) Christmas prep is ON!  Right, Pam?  Pam is February's hostess for the party, and posted a tutorial for adorable drawstring gift bags :)  Yours truly will be co-hostessing in October - I'm already biting my nails about it, lol!  There's a very small large chance that my tutorial will involve a zipper, but you just.  never.  know ;)

Posted to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for February 2015 :)

This little piggy went to market ... in my basement dungeon :D

I posted my start to this project on Monday, and got it finished yesterday. Despite one booboo that resulted in me needing to remove her snout and tail, then recut and reattach them (while cursing grumbling loudly :D) she worked out beautifully :D

She measures about 7.5"w (not counting her lil piggy feet) and 10.5"t ... and she'll be going to Blue Hills :)  I have another pink one cut out, and am planning on a blue one as well :D  She's from the book Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Critter Bags (NAYY) - there are lots of other fun designs in the book that I want to play with as well :)

Her little ears are a bit dimensional - I stitched the ears on so they'd be raised a bit - I thought it would be a cute touch :D

If I do say so myself, she's a pretty cute zipper pouch - I think someone will be very happy to receive her :)  

Posted to Celtic Thistle Stitches New to Me for Feb. 2015 :)

NOT posted to the Sew the Library linky party for February - I like to follow along, do my own thing and check out what others have done, without actually posting to it - I'm lazy that way, lol.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Makers #27 :)

I didn't get a chance to post to last week's Monday Makers - I was working on a project for a neighbour and haven't had much blogging time.  I'm mostly caught up on reading, but haven't been able to comment like I normally do.  I hate getting behind! 

I did get a birthday gift done in time to deliver yesterday :)  I bought the TMNT fabric last year at the Ogdensburg, NY Joanns.  The set includes an earbud pouch with $$ tucked inside, a zippered pouch for books etc., turtle stickers (wasn't able to find TMNT stickers) and a set of bark coloured pencils :)  Happy 7th birthday tomorrow, Matteo :)

Today I started a new little project in time for Monday Makers #27 - it's a zipper pouch that has a bit of embellishing on it - I had enough of the fabrics to cut out 2, so both will likely go to Blue Hills :)  This will count as a new-to-me project (hi, Pam!) and as an unofficial non-entry to the
Sew Your Library linky party :D  I already participate in several linky parties so I just follow along some other ones and don't actually post to them.  There isn't enough time to do them all, and I'm not one of those people that can take on dozens of challenges and remain unstressed and sane :D

I went out with my friend Nancy this morning to Aquafitness.  While we were sitting in her car waiting for the ice on the windshield to defrost, we noticed the temperature was -33C with the windchill.  That's a bit nippy - hopefully it warms up soon!

ETA:  I just realized something - according to Nurdan's MM guidelines, my Monday aquafitness class counts as a Monday Maker as it's something that I do on Monday that makes me move and be active and creative (I'm very creative at getting out of some of the harder stretches, LOL) :D  Gotta tell Nancy that she's been participating as well ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thank you, TD Direct Investing!

Thank you, for single-handedly trying to keep Canada Post afloat - you rock!  TD Bank and their investing department are apparently doing their damndest to send as much business as they can, to our lovely postal system.  Need proof?  I aim to please!  :)

You know it's from me when it has a can of Diet Dr. Pepper incorporated, LOL!!  Nectar of the gods!  ;)  Count the envelopes - there are TWELVE OF THEM!

I wonder if Canada Post owns stock in the TD group of companies?  :D

 My son will recycle the envelopes except for the plastic window, which goes in the garbage.  The contents, however, will get shredded, which means they go in the garbage as well.  The majority of his banking statements are sent online, so I don't know if there's a reason TD keeps sending this stuff by snail mail.  A stamp in Canada costs 85 cents.  Maybe they get a bulk discount - I don't know.  But this sure does seem like a waste of time, money and resources!

My mailbox also contained something fun for old mom - there was a silver Tyvek-type envelope tucked in there as well - I brought it in and ripped it open, only to find ...

TA DA!!  Grosgrain ribbon from Ebay!

Pretty pretty ribbon ;)
 I haven't opened up the bundles yet to check the ribbons, but let me tell you - that was one awesomely pretty envelope to open up!  I think this is 100 yards of ribbon, if I'm not mistaken - I won 2 x 50 yard lots for $3.25US each - with free shipping.  I now have ribbon comin out the wazoo.  So.  Much.  FUN.  :)  Better than the 12 banking statements - LOLOL!

Hey Baye - I think you should get some ribbon too!!!  ;)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Loins girded, and big girl panties on :D

I pulled this long-planned project out on Monday to post to Monday Makers! - I started stitching it Monday or Tuesday, and got the piecing/QAYG'ing finished on Wednesday.  Then I got nervous about the binding (those are quite acute curves!) so I didn't even turn my sewing machine on on Thursday or Friday!  Today - as per post title - loins were girded, big girl panties were thrown on, and project was COMPLETED :)  I got one tiny tuck on the bottom curve - that's far better than I was expecting :D  It's done, and it's CUTE!!  It measures 34" long including the carrot tops ... 29" long without them, and 15" wide at the widest point.  It actually worked out well enough that I can do what I had hoped, which is to gift it as a surprise Easter gift :)  I'm so glad I got off my duff and got working on this!  I think I need to make more of them, lol!  Free tutorial and pattern here, if anyone else wants to try it :)

I think I need to make some prettier tablecloths :D

Posting this to Monday Makers! #25  and Celtic Thistle Stitches New to Me for Feb. 2015 :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Carrots are good for you :D

I started stitching this puppy today - if the phone and the doorbell hadn't kept interrupting me I probably could have gotten this done today, lol.  Am going out with the neighbour tomorrow but I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow night or Friday :D

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Makers! #24 :)

Here I am, posting MM on a Monday for the 2nd time in a row - my efficiency is starting to scare me :D  I'll be up @ 6:30 a.m. to get ready for Aquafitness, so my butt should already be in bed, lol.  OOPs! :)

Here's the project I started today - it's a carrot tablerunner, free tutorial here.  You do need to sign up to but it's free and I haven't noticed any spam from them.  I think I'm going to use green ribbon for the carrot top instead of cutting it from fabric - I think loops of pretty grosgrain would be really nice :)

From Monday Makers #23 I started 2 heart zipper pouches and 2 boxy bags.  I didn't get them all done ... I did 3 heart pouches as I didn't like the "scale" (zipper placement) or tag on the first one (the one on the bottom) so I finished it but made 2 more that worked out much better.  I got one of the oriental bags done, and will post it later.

Posting to Monday Makers! #24 :)


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