Friday, October 31, 2014

My new backpack is coming along nicely :D

 A few days ago I posted about a new backpack I decided to try.  It's coming along nicely.  After all the trick or treaters have been treated tonight I'll go downstairs and start on this guy's arms and legs :D This is the quilted lined front, with the zipper installed.  You can see he comes pre-loaded with Wonky Vision 101 ;)

 I whipped this up one day after seeing it's doppelganger on the internet :D  (OK, mine is the doppelganger - I pretty much copied nini.stoff's stitch by stitch :D)

 Christmas sewing!  My last shark gift set is now almost completed - I need to make the stuffy, and the book I bought to go with the set is back-ordered on Amazon - it may have to be sent separately.  But I have all the rest of the sharky goodness ready to pack when the stuffy is done :)

Here's a bit of a close-up of sharky's 3D fin - I love that detail on these bags :)

I hope everybody that celebrates it, has a wonderful AND SAFE!!!  Halloween :)  If the weather holds out, we'll probably get about 100-110ish trick or treaters ringing our doorbell - we're ready :D

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday Makers! #10 :)

Last week I decided to try a duct tape project - I hadn't worked with duct tape before, but judging by the pins I see online, it looked like it would be a fun craft. And - it is :D My first one was rather wonky so I kept adding layers of duct tape to hide my mistakes, HAHA. I also discovered that while you CAN sew a zipper to duct tape, it really does gum up your needle and requires frequent cleaning of said needle :D  Next time around I'll try alcohol on a cotton ball to clean the needle - I read somewhere that it will help with the gumminess :) 

Here's the zipper pull I added - I thought the skeleton was rather appropriate ;)
I recently bought a book called Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes, because it had a monster backpack in it.  The book, despite the crappy pictures in the Amazon preview, is chalk full of fun and kitschy projects, so it turned out to be a great buy :)  The pattern pages are awful, though - two monstrous sheets of paper with pattern pieces overlaid on each other - dreadful.  The instructions don't tell you what to cut for each bag, or which pieces to use, nor are they very detailed.  I certainly wouldn't recommend the book to a beginner, but someone with some sewing knowledge would be able to figure things out.  This is officially my project for Monday Makers! #10 :)  It's going to be way too big for the little kids I want to make backpacks for, so I'll trial run the large version, then I'll probably shrink the pattern by 25(ish?)% for the kidlings.  Hopefully I like it better than the one I posted about last week, LOL.   A few more pics:

Bag top - outside (quilted) and lining (interfaced)
My new book - VERY cute projects!
I'm doing a simple version of the monster bag on the left - mine won't be reversible. 
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Makers! #9 :)

Oh my - fancy me being on the ball and posting this on Monday instead of Tuesday, LOL!

Last week I started a backpack - it was a trial run to see if I liked the pattern.  It worked out OK, but I'm not thrilled with it.  I did make a major change in the pattern - I quilted the outer pieces onto batting - that changed worked out well, and my quilting looks quite lovely (IIDSSM) :)  Unfortunately the snap closure (I only had black - it would have been so much nicer in white!) doesn't work right - I can't get it open - a small piece inside cracked when I was trying to put the 2 pieces together, and I'm not sure I can get it to work *ughhh*.  I think I'd like to try a different backpack pattern next - I'm just not in love with this design.  I'd like the straps to be adjustable, I'd like a tab on the back so it can be hung on a hook, it could use a pocket or two, and I'd really REALLY like to have the lining fit better :D 

I was busy today so I didn't have much time to sew - I did start a new project for week #9, using a craft supply I've never tried before - duct tape!   I got a roll of tape @ the $ store - for 2 bucks I get to play with something new :D  This will hopefully end up being a kiddy wallet!  :)

And one last photo - this is a pouch I made for my SIL - she wanted a bag made with fabric related to walking, to hold her techy toys for her walks :D  I didn't have walking fabric per se, but did find these in stash - they're Laurie Wisbrun prints, lol.  The finished bag measures 9"w x 7"t x 2.5"w - as per her request :D  The measuring tape tab on the side is a reminder of the miles/kms she walks :)  I think she liked it - who wouldn't like donkeys in rainboots, LOL!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday Makers! #8 :)

Hehehe another Monday Makers being posted on Tuesday - the Tuesday timing seems to work well for me :D 

Here's the project I started for week #7 - I got it completed a few days ago.  It's part of my 3rd (and final) shark gift set, and will be a Christmas present.   I posted about it here

This is my project for week #8 - an Edan backpack (NAYY) from I Think Sew - I want to make a couple of these for Christmas gifts so I need to do a trial run first, to check out sizing etc.  The original is lined, but I'm going to quilt the outside of mine for extra body, so I need to make sure everything works with my change ;)  I got some adorable fabric on the weekend for the gift versions - Smurfs (from the Ogdensburg NY Walmart) and pretty owls (Ogdensburg Joanns) - they should work well for the backpacks :)

Here's shark gift set #2 that I finished recently - it has now been packed up and will be delivered to the recipient in the next few weeks.  The set consists of a pillowcase (top), stuffy, measuring tape bag, cookie cutter, book, pencil box, stickers and water squirters - I think this is a pretty cute gift for a 3 year old :) 
One last finish from last week - a Halloween pillowcase that I need to mail today so it's recipient gets it before Halloween - I hope (s)he likes it ;)

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Venison and ... spetzle? spaetzle? and limburger, oh my!

Heard on the news station as I turned on the TV this morning @ 7:00 a.m.:  "Something smells good in the kitchen (referring to the kitchen in the studio where I guess they have guests cooking sometimes)!  What is it?"  Chef replies:  "Thanksgiving dinner!  Venison and spetzle!"  I look at the TV and see 5 bottles of wine on the counter where they're cooking.  *chat* *chat* *chat* *chef pulls out LIMBURGER cheese* *Sandra changes the channel because UGHhhhh, lolol!  Heather - please don't make us eat venison and spetzle and limburger on Sunday!

 Here's the shark bag that I started on Monday for Monday Makers! #7 - I got it done yesterday - it's cute :)  It measures 9"w x 12.5" t - the royal blue shark print at the top/left is the lining fabric (purchased from Joanns).  His fins are 3D for extra fun :) Shark gift set #3 is now officially underway, lol!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Makers! #7 :)

This week I'm a bit more organized, and am actually posting to the linky party, on Monday instead of Tuesday :D 

Happily, I finished my shark stuffy (NAYY) from week #6, and that was the last item I needed to complete this particular Christmas gift, so I'm VERY happy about that :) Those seashells are from our trip to Florida last year :D

I got two of the 4 drawstring bags completed, and will finish the rest this week as I need to pack them up soon.  My friend No Blog Amanda had a peek at them a few days ago and wants to make some, so we're going to have a gift bag making hen party :D  This will involve junk food, much talking, not much sewing, and general mayhem and hilarity - the perfect recipe for a hen party! ;) 

New make for this week - I cut out a new shark applique bag for another shark gift set :D  I'm only picking one project this week as our Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, and we'll be heading to Osgoode to visit family, and to EAT TURKEY, yay! 

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