Thursday, October 9, 2014

Venison and ... spetzle? spaetzle? and limburger, oh my!

Heard on the news station as I turned on the TV this morning @ 7:00 a.m.:  "Something smells good in the kitchen (referring to the kitchen in the studio where I guess they have guests cooking sometimes)!  What is it?"  Chef replies:  "Thanksgiving dinner!  Venison and spetzle!"  I look at the TV and see 5 bottles of wine on the counter where they're cooking.  *chat* *chat* *chat* *chef pulls out LIMBURGER cheese* *Sandra changes the channel because UGHhhhh, lolol!  Heather - please don't make us eat venison and spetzle and limburger on Sunday!

 Here's the shark bag that I started on Monday for Monday Makers! #7 - I got it done yesterday - it's cute :)  It measures 9"w x 12.5" t - the royal blue shark print at the top/left is the lining fabric (purchased from Joanns).  His fins are 3D for extra fun :) Shark gift set #3 is now officially underway, lol!


  1. I love your sharky projects but I haven't got a clue what you're talking about when it comes to food LOLL

  2. And you've even found a little shark zipper pull. Great work.

  3. I've been searching a bit about the food. Did you know 'Limburg' is a part (county) of Belgium and in the Netherlands they also have a county named 'Limburg' ;-) So I was very curious about it because I didn't know what Limburger cheese was.
    So I found on Wikepedia now that this cheese is also manufactured in Canada. But its smell seems to be awful and often the reason for jokes and gags :-D
    I'm also glad to know now what venison and spetzle are ! Blogging is so instructive ;-)
    Hugs from Belgium !


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