Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Makers! #7 :)

This week I'm a bit more organized, and am actually posting to the linky party, on Monday instead of Tuesday :D 

Happily, I finished my shark stuffy (NAYY) from week #6, and that was the last item I needed to complete this particular Christmas gift, so I'm VERY happy about that :) Those seashells are from our trip to Florida last year :D

I got two of the 4 drawstring bags completed, and will finish the rest this week as I need to pack them up soon.  My friend No Blog Amanda had a peek at them a few days ago and wants to make some, so we're going to have a gift bag making hen party :D  This will involve junk food, much talking, not much sewing, and general mayhem and hilarity - the perfect recipe for a hen party! ;) 

New make for this week - I cut out a new shark applique bag for another shark gift set :D  I'm only picking one project this week as our Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, and we'll be heading to Osgoode to visit family, and to EAT TURKEY, yay! 

Posted to Monday Makers! #7 linky party @ Hug-a-Bit Quilts :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Love that Sharky stuffiey, he's my fav!!! Your projects are aweswome!!! :) Hugs, Mickie

  2. The sharky stuffy is soooooooo cute and I like the idea of the shells for the photo shoot. LOL I also really like those drawstring bags and wondered if you use fleece or interfacing on them.

  3. LOVE that shark stuffy! Happy Thanksgiving, I had no idea it was so soon!

  4. I love the cross-eyed shark hahaha so cute! Happy Thanksgiving day!! (And thank you for linking up- I am little late to visit your blog this time.)


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