Monday, October 27, 2008

Coasters and cat hammocks!

I certainly learned my lesson about adding trim to bibs, LOLOL. I decided to work on something that I was pretty sure would work out nicely - a set of Christmas coasters, and another cage quilt. I'm going through stuff in that laundry basket at a nice pace, but I keep adding new stuff to the basket, so it isn't actually going DOWN! That's OK tho - I know I'm making a dent in my stash AND helping out the kitties and puppers, so I'm happy :)

Speaking of kitties ... my SIL Heather sent me this link yesterday and I fell in LOVE - I have to make one of these to send to the shelter to see if my niece thinks they could use some - if they like it, I'll make more. What an adorable project!

This isn't good ...

I was working on bibs today with a big piece of kitty cat flannel I had in my stash. I decided to add trim to each one, but they didn't turn out like I hoped! Individually they look cute (imo), but grouped en masse - they look like crap. I'm not sure if I'll send all of them to the shelter for the bazaar - just looking at the picture makes me want to throw some of them on the floor, LOL!!! What a dilemma - what if I send them to the bazaar and they're so ugly they give someone a heart attack???!! ACK!! Not sure what I'm going to do about this ... must think :p The two with the lace trim look cute, tho, so they can go :)

The two cage quilts turned out great, as did the Christmas pillowcases - so all in all it's been a pretty good sewing day!! I have beef stew cooking away in the oven, and my crockpot tapioca looks and smells delicious!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

XS doesn't stand for "extra small" ...

especially referring to MOI, lolol. However, in today's post, it stands for cross-stitch - a delightful needlecraft I haven't practiced in a great number of years. I kept coming across freebie patterns online and my interest was repiqued, so I started saving SMALL project patterns to perhaps try. Here's the first project I've completed in years - actually it's not even a project yet - it's just a finished pattern, lol. It's going to be made into a pincushion. I think. :) It measures a tad over 3" square, was stitched on 14 count Aida cloth (from Freecycle!!!) and the pattern is from Lizzie Kate :) I need to get better lighting in my family room so I can continue to do XS - my eyes would prefer 11 count but YUCK! LOL!!!

Oh - and thanks to my SIL Heather for the reminder on how to start the stitches off with a loop ... I had totally forgotten that until you mentioned it and figured it out - I hope your XS'ing is going well ... and that you'll post pics on your blog soon, LOL!!!

Me :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it snowed all day ...

and EWWWWWWWWWWWWW it didn't go away!! It's still white out there - this is NOT good - it's far too early for snow!!! I was going to take a picture but I decided that it doesn't DESERVE having it's picture taken because I HATE IT! :)

One of my friends adopted a beautiful wee kitten from a local shelter and I told her I'd make 6 cage quilts for them, on behalf of Punkin :) These are each 17" square and backed with microfleece - very soft :)

I also got a few more cage quilts made for my niece's shelter, some bibs for their fundraiser and a pillowcase for my godson Gabriel. I emailed the person in charge of the bazaar to ask what kind of items they need but I haven't heard back yet. Until I hear, I'll just whip up a few things that I enjoy making. If I have to change my projects - so be it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm soft :)

More yummy soft warm cage quilts for LAWS - I mailed off a batch of them on Saturday via Canada Post, so the box should arrive in Smiths Falls by Wednesday :) Have started making more for the next batch - all are, of course, Zoomer approved :D

A few weeks ago I made a fabric basket and a grab 'n go bag for a fundraiser that one of my fabric store ladies was participating in - the event was yesterday and she never contacted me to pick up the items! So they'll be donated to another organization ... I"m sure it was an oversight that she forgot to pick them up, and I hope their fundraiser was a big success :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Brocade for Miss Friendly :D

Hehehe more cage quilts - the wine red quilt on the right (18" square) is for a bitchy special kitty - cousin to my Zoomer - she's not the friendliest cat around *hiss* *hiss* *arched back* *scratch* *hiss*, but she's gorgeous and S & S love her, so now she has a quilt with her initial on it :D Red brocadey fabric is from Aunt Heather, so this is a collaborative effort! I don't think the recipient reads this blog so I'm pretty safe in posting the picture :D The other quilt (the 13 X 20 rust one on the left) is another cage quilt for the shelter.

Here's the basket full of scraps and odds and ends and old linens that I gathered up from my studio - I'm trying to use up the whole basket before I go shopping for anything new. Not sure I'll succeed, but I'm sure trying! None of the scraps for Hissy's quilt came from that basket, but the rust quilt used up a 1/3 metre piece of fabric and 3 old dishcloths that had seen better days!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keeping the furry ones warm :)

Got some more sewing done - as you can see by picture #2, I had a helper with me the whole time, LOL. Thanks for being there for me, Zoomer!! ;)

The smaller cage quilts (top picture) are about 15" x 20" (the snowman ones) and about 12 X 15 (the striped one in front - scrap fabric from Heather!) - the larger ones on the design wall - being studied by Zoomer for their suitability for the shelter ;) - are about 26" square. They were made with extra string blocks I had from other projects - these were the most fun to make, and fortunately, I have lots more extra blocks, so I can make more like these :) The pillowcases are going in my donation box with the other cases I've made in the last few months - I'm going to see if I can get more of that fabric - it's really sweet and fun!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Pics :)

Am I lucky or what??!! A little while ago I was chosen as the winner of a blog giveaway at Cottage Magpie - my prize was A QUILT ... can you imagine??!!! The blog owner Angela generously added shams and pillow covers to my prize package, even tho she's in the States and I'm in Canada, and I knew the shipping $ would be scary (and it was, OUCH, sorry Angela!). Well - I got my prize on Friday but didn't have a chance to thank her as we were headed away for the long weekend. So now I'm sitting down to give her a shout-out for having such an amazing giveaway ... and for PICKING ME!!! YAY ANGELA AND YAY ME!! Thank you thank you thank you, and sending you huge hugs!!!

I just realized, on preview, that the small pillow covers aren't in the photo - I didn't have any throw pillows the right size so they're still sitting on my dresser, lol.

We went to visit my family for Thanksgiving - while there, we zipped Stateside to do a bit of shopping in New York - I picked up some sewing patterns, craft patterns, velcro, fat quarters, fabric and a "Pretty Little" book :) Oh how I love Joanns, LOL.

Here are the little surprise gifty sets I made for my "wimmins" (sister, SIL, two nieces) for Halloween - Pink Penguin fabric baskets, log cabin hotpad, and some candy :)

Last up - a couple of cage quilts I made today for my favorite shelter (hi Stac!) - the rust one on the bottom is 23" square, and the floral one on top is 18" square - both were made with stash scraps :)

That's it for now - I have to go finish peeling the potatoes, LOLOL!!!

Lots o Pics :)

Some items have been delivered so I can post pictures :) Here are some items I made for my sister and her daughters for their birthdays. Two charm totes in a sealife pattern (for my nieces), and a batik bag with a paper pieced orchid block (for my sister). There's also a small poppy tabletopper to go in my sister's poppy bedroom.

The two charm totes are from the pattern "Charm Party" designed by Penny Sturges. The batik tote was made "off the top of my head", and the orchid block was from the delicious Claudia Hasenbach in Germany. The poppy pattern is from Regina Grewe - I love her stuff, and will be doing more flowers.

More pics in the next post - I have to go start supper and do some housework, then I can play on the computer some more, LOL.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pics Galore - aka Pic Obese :D

Pffft I can't figure out how to get my pictures centred with their co-ordinating blurbs, so you get potluck :p

Pic 1 - a "Sweet Blog Award" I received from the delicious Barb at So How Was Your Day - thanks Barb! Check out her blog - talk about eye candy!

Pics 2 & 3 - crockpot applesauce made with the apples my neighbour brought over :) This was the first time I made applesauce in the crock - it's a fabulous way to cook it!

Pic 4 - Blizzard Stew made in my brand spanking new KitchenAid dutch oven :) I always add some kind of meat to it - today I added diced ham - YUM!

Pic 5 - part of a Christmas gift I'm working on - so far I've made 2 hotpads, 4 placemats, a fabric basket and 2 decorated tea towels --- I have a few more pieces in mind to go with the set, and will try to find the fabric in New York next weekend :)


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