Saturday, June 2, 2018

May finishes #2 :D

More pics of May finishes ...

Flex frame bags made with remnants and scraps 

Batik pouch with black/white gingham lining - the batik was the last bit of this particular fabric from stash :)

Front zip pouches made with fabric samples from an Amish quilting store in Pennsylvania :D

More front zip pouches made from samples :)

WOW this photo was taken at the same time as the previous 2 - I have no idea why it's so washed out!  Princess front zip pouches that are the same pretty pink as the bags in the previous photo :)
And because you asked (no, you didn't!), here's another example of the lovely washed out syndrome!  I was gifted these fabric scraps a long time ago and finally got around to using them up.  There was only enough of each print for one side of the bag - so the back is a different print than the front.  It works though - these are really pretty (IIDSSM) :)  Again, pics were taken at the same time so why one is faded and the other is not - I have *no* idea!  >:/

Front zip bags made with scraps (aren't those prints gorgeous?!) ...

... and the back of the bags, in different scraps :)
And now that I've got pics, these bags are all going in the pile for Belinda's Place, wooooooooooooooooo!  (Commenting is disabled for the time being, while I work some things out in life :D)

Friday, June 1, 2018

Photo catch up -- May finishes #1 :D

Despite the fact that my dungeon is still freezing - around 60F - I managed to get a lot of sewing done in May - while wearing a very warm hoody and generally - long pants as well! My poor achy fingers though, lol >:D Many boxy bags were completed for Belinda's Place ...

... and some flickies were made for the kidlets at Blue Hills.

Lots more bags to share - I mainly did SMS front zip pouches and boxy bags last month, and got quite a few done!  I hope the ladies @ the shelter enjoy them - hubby and I will be doing a big drop-off sometime next week :D

I'm turning off commenting for a while - Google/Blogger is having problems with them, and I have things on the go right now - some good (spending more time offline with friends, and getting outside more), some bad (friends with health scares), and some in the middle (catching up on things around the house).  I got myself a pedometer and I'm actually enjoying "feeding" it and racking up the mileage!  I had no idea that would happen to me almost as soon as I started using it - I'm putting over 10k steps on it per day, which is pretty. darn. good.  :)

More pix to follow - but now, I'm going to go outside to chit chat with my neighbours, whose adorable kiddos are outside playing basketball.  When more than one neighbour is outside at the same time, there WILL be chatting!  :)


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