Saturday, June 2, 2018

May finishes #2 :D

More pics of May finishes ...

Flex frame bags made with remnants and scraps 

Batik pouch with black/white gingham lining - the batik was the last bit of this particular fabric from stash :)

Front zip pouches made with fabric samples from an Amish quilting store in Pennsylvania :D

More front zip pouches made from samples :)

WOW this photo was taken at the same time as the previous 2 - I have no idea why it's so washed out!  Princess front zip pouches that are the same pretty pink as the bags in the previous photo :)
And because you asked (no, you didn't!), here's another example of the lovely washed out syndrome!  I was gifted these fabric scraps a long time ago and finally got around to using them up.  There was only enough of each print for one side of the bag - so the back is a different print than the front.  It works though - these are really pretty (IIDSSM) :)  Again, pics were taken at the same time so why one is faded and the other is not - I have *no* idea!  >:/

Front zip bags made with scraps (aren't those prints gorgeous?!) ...

... and the back of the bags, in different scraps :)
And now that I've got pics, these bags are all going in the pile for Belinda's Place, wooooooooooooooooo!  (Commenting is disabled for the time being, while I work some things out in life :D)

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