Favourite zippy links

Magic Pouch - fantastic design, has two zippered sections - one at the top, one at the bottom :)  Pattern is available for Craftsy members, but it's free. Pattern is here, my 3rd bag (my favourite) is here :)

Pineapple zippy - blogged here, tutorial here :)

Triangle or humbug bags - with NO raw edges :)  Blogged here, tutorial here :)

My 2nd Cargo Duffle - designed by Anna Graham (Noodlehead).  Free pattern available here :)

Retreat Bags!  Here are 2 that I made ... the free pattern is here, and the special frames needed are also available at that site.  The bag is great even without the frame - you can follow the tutorial and sew the casing for the frame (which gives the bag a nice, finished look) and then NOT insert one - it looks just as nice, but not as "shaped" :)

These are my not-a-hot pad zipper pouches - inspired by hot pads from Crafty Staci, who published 11 different hot pad patterns in 2015.  I decided the would make great zipper pouches, and used her bluebird pattern to make a zippy :)  Her other hot pad patterns are linked here :)

Panty bag - here's one of mine, and the pattern is here :)

Crayon pouch - I borrowed this one from the author's site - I need to get a picture of mine and will replace this one. 
Double Zip Pouch - no raw edges!  My first one here - tutorial here :)
Bunny zippy!!  By Ashley @ LilBlueBoo - so cute :)  My first one here, and the original tutorial here :)
Kristin Link from Sew Mama Sew provided us with a lovely free tutorial for these bags, and then further sizing information so we could make them in multiple sizes.  No raw edges!

Earbud pouches - I increased the pattern size to 115% to make it easier to sew.  Tutorial here :)
Front zip boxed bottom bag.  My first one here ... tutorial here ... last 2 photos show the layering (I always forget how to layer, then I get frustrated, lol.  Thanks Vera - you know why!)
Trapezoid bag - mine here, tutorial here :)
Vinyl zippies - mine here, tutorial here :)
Wide open zipper bag - mine here, tutorial here :)
Skip to my Lou pleated pouches - these ones here, tutorial here :)
Mesh laundry or toy bags - these ones blogged here, tutorial here :)
Hexy zipper pouches - tutorial here, mine here :)  I use a 4" acrylic hexy template for mine, and do the construction differently, but was inspired by the Delia Creates tutorial :)

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