Favourite Crafty/Quilty Links

I tend to make multiples of projects I find and like, so here's a listing of my favourite tutorials, with picturey goodness for those of us - like me - that are very visual about our crafting :D

Make this!  Fish drawstring (laundry) bag - SO cute :)  My first one here, tutorial here :)

My first drawstring vinyl bag here - including my OOPS version :D  Tutorial here :)

Easter bunny treat bags!  Here are a bunch I made - I changed up the tutorial a little bit, and used 7w x 6.5t rectangles of fabric, used rattail instead of a ribbon drawstring, and added a bunny tail to mine :D

Little girl strawberry bags - aren't they sweet?  These were made pretty much according to the tutorial, except the outside is quilted (theirs is just interfaced, I think).  I also added a piece of velcro to the top to allow it to be closed.  Next time around I would make the strap length adjustable, and add seed beads for the strawberry seeds :D  Tutorial here :)

Chocolate wrappers :)  My first ones here :D

Crown/tiara - my first one here, tutorial here :)  Note that instead of using velcro for the closure, I now use fabric covered elastic - it makes a nicer crown, and is easier for the kids and moms :)

Zaaberry messenger bags - mine here :)

Superhero capes!  Cape tutorial here, superhero emblem/alphabet here :)

Santa sacks - mine blogged here, tutorial here :)

Measuring tape bags - tutorial here :)
Oliver and S bucket hat - this is my first one.  The tutorial is here :)
Threading My Way fabric basket (with handle added) :)
Good Deeds dress :)  My first one here, dress pattern here, instructions on lining the bodice here :)
Riley Blake tulip petal hat :)
Mesh lingerie (or toy!) bags :)  My first ones here, and the tutorial here :)
Monster bib tutorial here , some of my monsters here :)
Here's my first QAYG quilt.  Here's the QAYG technique I use :D
Turkey finger puppets -- tutorial here, my first ones blogged here :)
Halloween finger puppets - tutorial here :)
Simple apron - tutorial here :)
Batman - or Batgirl! - masks here :)
Polar bear washcloth puppets - tutorial here :)
Simple kids wallets - tutorial here :)
Fabric airplanes - fun and easy!  Mine here, and tutorial here :)

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  1. Hey Sandra- here I am still in my jammies, it's almost noon. Noticed the tut link so clicked it. Thanks for all the links, I hope to make some fun items this next year (2016).


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