Friday, July 31, 2015

Linky parties, Christmas gifts and trying new things :)

Needed a break - and took it :D 'nuff said :) I wasn't doing as much sewing as I normally do, but I managed to get some small items finished. It was the photography that bogged me down - it really is a huge job, isn't it? Now I have stacks of small projects on my sewing table downstairs and no place to lay out fabric, so that gave me the incentive to at least make a start at clearing out the backlog, LOL.

8"w x 10.5" tall, not incl. feet :D
First up are some piggy zipper pouches which are going into my gift box because they turned out ever so cute :D They're from Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Critter Bags :)  The piggy keychains that I scored from Ebay make the perfect finish to these cuties :)  

FD756 Sweet Pig Piglet Keychain Keyring Keyfob Cute Creative Gift ~1 Pair 2pcs#
These are the piggy keychains from Ebay - I love that there's a boy one and a girl one, lol!
Up next -  kids' wallets  :)   This was a new to me tutorial and I made several changes to the tutorial.  I have more of these little cuties kitted - they're great to have in the gift box - I plan on tucking some pretend credit cards and some cash in them before gifting :D

Bibs! Every baby needs bibs, and these ones are a gifty for a little one that's arriving later this year. I'm making a little taggy to go with them - it's cut out, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I hope you can see the Thomas the Tank Engine ribbon they're embellished with!

That's it for now - Blogger is making unilateral decisions as to photo and text placement.  Frustrating!  There's going to be a learning curve getting back into this, that I wasn't expecting!   I keep trying (Blogger keeps changing the text/size on me!) to delete the extra white space but Blogger says NO CHANGES FOR YOU!  *mutters*

Posting to some linky parties (if I can remember how to do it, LOL)
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