Friday, July 31, 2015

Linky parties, Christmas gifts and trying new things :)

Needed a break - and took it :D 'nuff said :) I wasn't doing as much sewing as I normally do, but I managed to get some small items finished. It was the photography that bogged me down - it really is a huge job, isn't it? Now I have stacks of small projects on my sewing table downstairs and no place to lay out fabric, so that gave me the incentive to at least make a start at clearing out the backlog, LOL.

8"w x 10.5" tall, not incl. feet :D
First up are some piggy zipper pouches which are going into my gift box because they turned out ever so cute :D They're from Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Critter Bags :)  The piggy keychains that I scored from Ebay make the perfect finish to these cuties :)  

FD756 Sweet Pig Piglet Keychain Keyring Keyfob Cute Creative Gift ~1 Pair 2pcs#
These are the piggy keychains from Ebay - I love that there's a boy one and a girl one, lol!
Up next -  kids' wallets  :)   This was a new to me tutorial and I made several changes to the tutorial.  I have more of these little cuties kitted - they're great to have in the gift box - I plan on tucking some pretend credit cards and some cash in them before gifting :D

Bibs! Every baby needs bibs, and these ones are a gifty for a little one that's arriving later this year. I'm making a little taggy to go with them - it's cut out, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I hope you can see the Thomas the Tank Engine ribbon they're embellished with!

That's it for now - Blogger is making unilateral decisions as to photo and text placement.  Frustrating!  There's going to be a learning curve getting back into this, that I wasn't expecting!   I keep trying (Blogger keeps changing the text/size on me!) to delete the extra white space but Blogger says NO CHANGES FOR YOU!  *mutters*

Posting to some linky parties (if I can remember how to do it, LOL)
Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew  for July (all the items, as they're gifts)
Sew My Stash 2015:  Holiday in July (all the items are gifts, and happily, everything needed to make them was from stash :)
Celtic Thistle Stitches New to Me 2015 for July - (the wallets)


  1. Welcome back, sweet friend! Wow. That's it. You've convinced me that You really Are one of Santa's elves. ;o) Love your recent gifty makes, Sandra. Those little piggies are a hoot! So cute and of course you find the perfect charms for the zippers. Squealing with delight over these. tee hee

  2. Hey, good to see you back!!! What you sew when you're having a break, is the amount of sewing most of us do when we're productive... LOL!!! I HAVE to find time to make a couple of those wallets.

  3. Good to see you back with more lovely gift makes :)
    Blogger is so annoying! I don't know why we see one thing when we're writing a post and another in preview :(

  4. Love the piggies, off to follow the link, thanks

  5. I'm with you on the photo stuff. I think we really need to just take the freakin' photos without all the extra work making it uber pretty. You little s#@t! Those are the cutest little piggy pouches. I do not recall seeing those before. And the wallets are a great idea, too. Good to see you've been in that sewing room!

  6. Lots of great finishes. I love the piggy zipper pouches. They are beyond adorable!

  7. Great makes as ever Sandra!

    Did you make changes to the wallet pattern because of problems with the pattern? They have turned out well if you did.

    Thanks for linking up to Ho, Ho, Ho and New to Me too :)

  8. I hope you enjoyed your break, though it's good to have you back. Well done for not apologising, that winds me up! LOVE those piggy pouches!

  9. As always, everything is sooo cute! I love the little pig keychains and the wallets, especially. I finally found some small split rings so that I can take a page from your book and add some type of pulls to my zips :)

  10. It's your blog and you can chat if you want to, lol - or not!!! Oh my goodness I'm in love with those little piggies. Way way way too cute, girl!!! And yes, the pics slow you down, especially when it's cloudy and you can't get good light!


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