Friday, April 27, 2018

More April finish pix :D

More photos ... all of these items are going to Belinda's Place as well, except for the last boxy bag (which is likely going to be a gift) :)

8 flex frame pouches

The ones in the front were made with flamingo scraps :D

A princess boxy bag with princess zipper pull :)

I got a bit bored with flexies and boxy bags after making so many, so I started making what I call SMS front zip pouches - these were bags I learned to make years ago from a tutorial from Kristen Link from Sew Mama Sew.  The free (free membership to Craftsy is needed) video tutorial is here, and there's a tutorial here for doing the bags in different sizes.  Here are 2 stacks of finished bags on the table in the sewing dungeon - will try to get pictures this weekend - I was making bags in whatever sizes I could to use up bits and pieces and tail ends of fabrics - I plowed through a lot of zippers!  :)

Stack on the left is SMS bags, stack on the right is regular zippies :D

April finishes :)

Right on the heels of the March finishes post which went live a few minutes ago (almost a month late, due to my error :D), here are some of my finishes from April.  It was a dreary, cold month with crappy weather (including an ice storm that packed quite a wallop!) but things are, happily, getting sunnier and warmer :)  I found out a few days ago that the temperature in my sewing dungeon was 60-61F for who knows how long?!   I knew it was uncomfortable but until I saw the results on a thermometer, I had no idea it was THAT cold - no wonder my poor fingers and hands were aching so much.  Hopefully now that it's warming up outside, the dungeon will warm up as well.   

4 boxy bags for Belinda's Place

Bird zipper pull :D

Mushroom zipper pull :D

Pizza zipper pull (the fabric features Italian pasta pictures, haha)

Seahorse zipper pull :)

Cat tall pouch (also for Belinda's Place) with a double zipper pull ...

... zipper pull features a cat on one side ...

... and on the reverse - a mouse :D  And yes - I *do* think I'm funny - in my own mind, anyways!  ;)
More photos coming ... ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Some March finishes :)

I got a good number of bags completed in March - these are just some of them.  I delivered 28 boxy bags to Belinda's Place, and the 9 below, which we'll deliver this week, mean that there are enough bags for the residents of each room.   I'll continue to make bags because homeless shelters never empty.  Fortunately I have stash.  Lots of stash.  And lots of zippers!  ;)

Boxy bags :)

Flex frame bags :)

I'm particularly fond of these flexies!  The last time we bought eyeglass cleaner @ Costco, it came with multiple eyeglass cleaner cloths.  We couldn't use all of them, so I saved 3 and tucked one in each of these bags.  I think these will be very handy, and they're certainly cute :)
Working on my black and white scraps - 6 flexies :)

Orange scraps flexy :)

I was working on using my stash of black and and white scraps and the last of my flex frames - by the time I finished the 6 pack above, I was really tired of that colour combo, so I broke out a different bag 'o scraps :D   Orange for the win!  ;)  I'm now out of these small flex frames so I've ordered more from Ebay, and have started prepping fabrics for more pouches:D  They're so easy to make - the frames are simple to install, and the end result is an awesome - and useful! - bag :)

In case anyone gets a hankering to make some similar flex frame bags, here's the math I used for these ones:

  • sunglasses case uses a 10cm frame, and I cut my quilted and/or interfaced fabric to 5"w x 7.5"t (X 2 outer and 2 lining).  Casings - 4 1/4"w x 2.5"t (X 4 pieces)
  • the larger pouches use a 12cm frame, with quilted/interfaced outer and lining fabric cut to 6"w x 7.5"t.  Casings - 5 1/4"w x 2.5"t (X 4 pieces)
  • I use the width of my presser foot for a seam allowance - it's a bit wider than 1/4" - it doesn't really matter what the exact number is, as long as it's 1/4" "ish" :)
Of course ymmv and you can use whatever size cuts that work for you :D  My list is just the sizes I used for the finishes I wanted, or to use up the scraps of fabric and batting I had on hand :)

Apr. 27/18 -- OOPS!  I scheduled this post to go live on April 3, and didn't check to see if it had done so.  It didn't - I forgot to hit publish so it was still in draft mode, LOL. 


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