Friday, April 27, 2018

April finishes :)

Right on the heels of the March finishes post which went live a few minutes ago (almost a month late, due to my error :D), here are some of my finishes from April.  It was a dreary, cold month with crappy weather (including an ice storm that packed quite a wallop!) but things are, happily, getting sunnier and warmer :)  I found out a few days ago that the temperature in my sewing dungeon was 60-61F for who knows how long?!   I knew it was uncomfortable but until I saw the results on a thermometer, I had no idea it was THAT cold - no wonder my poor fingers and hands were aching so much.  Hopefully now that it's warming up outside, the dungeon will warm up as well.   

4 boxy bags for Belinda's Place

Bird zipper pull :D

Mushroom zipper pull :D

Pizza zipper pull (the fabric features Italian pasta pictures, haha)

Seahorse zipper pull :)

Cat tall pouch (also for Belinda's Place) with a double zipper pull ...

... zipper pull features a cat on one side ...

... and on the reverse - a mouse :D  And yes - I *do* think I'm funny - in my own mind, anyways!  ;)
More photos coming ... ;)


  1. You’re do good at matching the zipper pulls! Lovely pouches xx

  2. I'm with Benta, you always manage to find (have in your stash) zipper pulls that are perfect for each project.


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