Thursday, June 30, 2016

Strawberries and farm animals and vinyl flexation :D

Strawberry zipper pouch - tute here :)
Here's a new to me (19 of 52 in 16) project that worked out so nicely that I decided to put it in my Christmas box as a gift :)  It actually has red seed bead "seeds" but I couldn't get a clear photo of them - they do give the bag a pretty little glitter!  I think I'll tuck strawberry lip gloss and Strawberry Shortcake stickers inside, making it a a sweet gift for a young lady :)   The tutorial for the bag, along with the strawberry applique pattern, is from Jennifer Heynen (aka Jennifer Jangles) @ :D  The little inset picture on the right, is a close-up of the strawberry zipper pull ;)

Farm finger puppets - tute here :)
Another Christmas gift finish --- this was a tiny little finish, but it was the last item I wanted to make for this specific gift, so I'm really happy to have all the pieces completed, ready to be "bagged and tagged"  :D   The pattern for these little farm finger puppets is here :)

The gift consists of a Cargo Duffle bag with some goodies tucked inside.  There's a set of farm animal hand puppets and a book to go with them ... they were posted here.  I made a drawstring bag to hold the puppets and book ... it's posted here. The finger puppets are ^^ above ;)  What do you think - is this a cute gift for a young lad?  I think (hope) so :)

Oh!  One last new to me (18 of 52 in 16) project for June - a vinyl flex frame bag!  I've made vinyl bags, and I've made flex frame bags, but combining the two - that's a first!  The tutorial is here - I have more of these cut out already - they're a great way to use up fabric scraps!  Next time around I'll put a gentle curve in the bottom - it was impossible to get the square corners completely turned RSO :D

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Fishy Drawstring Bag Day!

Friday was Pineapple Day, and today is a new and fun theme day, lol.  Did YOU remember to celebrate Fishy Drawstring Bag Day today?  No?  Well then pull up the tutorial (which was created to take care of an UNtutorial problem :D) that Caroline from was sweet enough to write for us - and make yourself a fishy bag :)

I made the simplest version with no embellishments - I wanted to try out the pattern and wanted instant gratification, LOL.  It worked out perfectly, and it's a SIMPLE sew.  I used about .8m fabric, and 2m rattail (instead of fabric drawstrings) - nice stash busting!  It's unlined, so I zigzagged all the raw edges to give it a nice finish.  I appliqued an eye on either side, so it's reversible ... in a manner of speaking, haha.   I'm SO very pleased with this bag, and glad that it was chosen for May's Untutorial project - I voted for it myself :D THANK YOU CAROLINE for your work and for sharing it with us!

Bonus points for me, as it counts as #17 in my quest to try new designs in 2016 (52 in 16) - plus I'll be able to post it to Fiona's New to Me for June - I am ON A ROLL :)  I'm going to print off the pattern at 50% to see how it looks as a smaller bag --- this one measures about 28" long from mouth to tail, and about 18" wide, so a half size bag would be cute to hold a kiddy item :)

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Happy Pineapple Day!

Pineapple zippy - front :)
Pineapple zippy - back :)
If Pineapple Day isn't an official holiday, it should be ... to honour my latest finish :D  Tutorial is here - pattern is here :)  I did change the pattern up a bit - I quilted the outside in a cross-hatch design (which doesn't really show because of the zigzag print, hehe) and eliminated the embroidered design from the original.  The bag worked out perfectly, and tomorrow she's headed via snail mail to ******, who has a birthday coming up :D  I've tucked a little notebook, a key cap cover and a book of stamps inside as a bonus :D  I already have 2 more of these little sweeties cut out ready to make!  This counts as #15 in my 52 in 16 attempt :D

Pocket Tote Library Bag
Here's another new one from this week - a simple Pocket Tote Library Bag.  I spotted the tutorial online and thought it might make a good stashbuster project - making bags to send to the counselling center, with the added bonus of busting some fabric :D  I used leftover corduroy for this one and decided to quilt it. Next time, self, don't quilt corduroy.  That was definitely not necessary, and made for some mighty thick seams, lol.  I'll be making more of these - it's a simple bag, and very cute :)  It's fairly small, though - 12.5w x 11t x 3.5d - that would suit a younger kid.  I'll upsize a couple of inches in each direction to make it more versatile, for older kids.    Yay for #16 in 52 in 16 :D

Here's part of a Christmas gift I got finished earlier this month - I made it to hold the farm hand puppets I made last month.  I tucked an Old MacDonald book inside, and I have some farm finger puppets printed out to make, which will finish the gift off.  When I get them done I can post this to June's Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :)

Pineapple bag posted to Celtic Thistle Stitches New to Me for June :)


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