Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Fishy Drawstring Bag Day!

Friday was Pineapple Day, and today is a new and fun theme day, lol.  Did YOU remember to celebrate Fishy Drawstring Bag Day today?  No?  Well then pull up the tutorial (which was created to take care of an UNtutorial problem :D) that Caroline from was sweet enough to write for us - and make yourself a fishy bag :)

I made the simplest version with no embellishments - I wanted to try out the pattern and wanted instant gratification, LOL.  It worked out perfectly, and it's a SIMPLE sew.  I used about .8m fabric, and 2m rattail (instead of fabric drawstrings) - nice stash busting!  It's unlined, so I zigzagged all the raw edges to give it a nice finish.  I appliqued an eye on either side, so it's reversible ... in a manner of speaking, haha.   I'm SO very pleased with this bag, and glad that it was chosen for May's Untutorial project - I voted for it myself :D THANK YOU CAROLINE for your work and for sharing it with us!

Bonus points for me, as it counts as #17 in my quest to try new designs in 2016 (52 in 16) - plus I'll be able to post it to Fiona's New to Me for June - I am ON A ROLL :)  I'm going to print off the pattern at 50% to see how it looks as a smaller bag --- this one measures about 28" long from mouth to tail, and about 18" wide, so a half size bag would be cute to hold a kiddy item :)

Posted to New to Me for June, @ Celtic Thistle Stitches :)


  1. Love these bags, they are so adorable! Hugs, Mickie and Seamus

  2. I remember seeing this bag but saw the giant fish size and turned my sewing eye somewhere else. Ha! just reduce it 50%. It would be cute as a gift bag in a smaller size.

  3. What a fun bag!!! Now, what fishy goodies are you going to put inside?

  4. I definitely want to make one of these fish bags for myself! Lol


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