Friday, June 17, 2016

Happy Pineapple Day!

Pineapple zippy - front :)
Pineapple zippy - back :)
If Pineapple Day isn't an official holiday, it should be ... to honour my latest finish :D  Tutorial is here - pattern is here :)  I did change the pattern up a bit - I quilted the outside in a cross-hatch design (which doesn't really show because of the zigzag print, hehe) and eliminated the embroidered design from the original.  The bag worked out perfectly, and tomorrow she's headed via snail mail to ******, who has a birthday coming up :D  I've tucked a little notebook, a key cap cover and a book of stamps inside as a bonus :D  I already have 2 more of these little sweeties cut out ready to make!  This counts as #15 in my 52 in 16 attempt :D

Pocket Tote Library Bag
Here's another new one from this week - a simple Pocket Tote Library Bag.  I spotted the tutorial online and thought it might make a good stashbuster project - making bags to send to the counselling center, with the added bonus of busting some fabric :D  I used leftover corduroy for this one and decided to quilt it. Next time, self, don't quilt corduroy.  That was definitely not necessary, and made for some mighty thick seams, lol.  I'll be making more of these - it's a simple bag, and very cute :)  It's fairly small, though - 12.5w x 11t x 3.5d - that would suit a younger kid.  I'll upsize a couple of inches in each direction to make it more versatile, for older kids.    Yay for #16 in 52 in 16 :D

Here's part of a Christmas gift I got finished earlier this month - I made it to hold the farm hand puppets I made last month.  I tucked an Old MacDonald book inside, and I have some farm finger puppets printed out to make, which will finish the gift off.  When I get them done I can post this to June's Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :)

Pineapple bag posted to Celtic Thistle Stitches New to Me for June :)


  1. Three great makes!!! My favourite is the library tote. The corduroy is an awesome choice - love it!!!

  2. Where to begin! All are great projects. Pineapples seem to be the in thing right now, and you nailed the fabric choices for that one. Library bags are also big and the kids must love having their own bag. Also helps that parents are not stuck carrying all the books to and from the library. As for that last one--genius. I love the combination of the book and puppets, but then you added that extra cool cow pouch. I'm jealous and really must steal that idea. Off to pin all three of these little treasures.

  3. I recall looking at that tutorial and knowing right away it would not fit my book haul. My recent library totes; 17" x 17" squares with a 2.5" across on the bottom corner tucks. This makes a medium-large tote which seems to work better. I like the idea of using up some corduroy. Are you working on crafti stacis' stars & stripes hotpad morphed into a zippy pouch? I could see you in my head....

  4. I love the little cow bag! so cute! I've been wanting to make one of those pocket totes, but I had been wondering how the size would be... now I know that I would probably want to make it bigger :)

  5. Happy Pineapple Day! I love the thoughtful way you put gifts together, i bet your family loves receiving them

  6. Happy to come back on your blog ! Your tote library bag is beautiful. I create another blog and happy to sew and embroider now. Greetings from my small caribbean island


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