Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ho Ho Ho --- covered now for May ;)

Thank goodness for deadlines - I tend to get things done last minute when there's a firm and definite deadline :)  Here are a couple of projects I finished this month that were planned for May's Ho Ho Ho linky party :D  The duffle bag got finished this morning, but the puppets were finished a while ago - I just hadn't gotten photographs :)  Both of these items are for Christmas gifts, so into the gift they're going :)

First up is a set of Old MacDonald puppets, plus the book I bought to go along with them :)  I'll do a drawstring bag (appliqued with farm bits and pieces) to hold the puppets.  I may also do a couple of finger puppets to go in the bag - and I was thinking I could maybe find a farm colouring book as well :)  The free tutorial is here :)

Next up is my newest completed Cargo Duffle bag :)  I took pictures outside this afternoon but it was so bright and sunny (YAY!) that the colour washed out.  I grabbed a couple more pics down here in the dungeon - the black background isn't faded like it is in these pictures - this is lovely Japanese canvas fabric but I'm an inept photographer :D

Here are some close-ups of the fun zipper pull I got on Ebay - it works perfectly with the bag - and both sides are perfect for the space/robot theme :)

[X] Cargo duffle gift #2 - completed :)
[X] Old MacDonald puppet gift set - completed :)

Posted to May's Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :)


  1. The Old Macdonald's finger puppets are super cute. Great present.

  2. Love the puppets but OH THAT BAG!!! Wowzers, girl!

  3. The duffle bag is fabulous Sandra, I love the fabric that you used for it and well, the zipper pull is just perfect!

    Thanks for linking up to Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew too :)

  4. Those are super cute! I love the cargo bag too, that zipper pull was a perfect finish - score!

  5. Black is so hard to photograph if there's a light fabric with it. Another awesome cargo duffle bag. My kids always loved finger puppets plus a book to go with them.

  6. Love the puppets! That, the book, and the bag are going to make a great gift. When Helena was young she LOVED puppets! The duffle bag is great! I love how you quilted it! Really a winner! :)

  7. I think it must be like Christmas every day at your house, Sandra :)


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