Monday, September 30, 2013

A few September completions :)

Most of September has been spent working on quilts - I'll post photos tomorrow, as I actually started and finished 2 toddler quilts this month, and I'm very happy with them!

My own kids are long past the trick or treating stage, but it's fun to sew goodies for the g-nephews and g-niece :D Here are some kiddy trick or treat bags - the idea came from here, and the tutorial is here :D  These are for 3 year olds (a boy and a girl) :)

Here are 2 more bags made from the same tutorial - they're for boy and girl 18 month old twins :)

Here's my version of Peppa the pig :D  Peppa went to a 3 year old lad, along with the book set :)  I didn't accidentally put one of his ears on upside-down - nope!  It was a design decision *ahem* :D  The pattern (which is actually for the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf) is from winterpeach on Etsy, and the book set was from bookdepository (free shipping, YAY!) :)

I made these for a new dad that works with one of my kids :)

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the 2 Brrr! quilts I finished - I hope it's sunny so I can hang them on the clothesline for the photograph :)


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